An Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology - Molecular Fundamentals, Methods and Applications in Modern Biotechnology (2nd ed)

Edited by Michael Wink 
Wiley  March 2011  

paperback  636 pp  ISBN 9783527326372      £75.00
Life sciences have advanced at a rapid speed. The information of cell and molecular biology as well as genetics can be applied to biotechnology and medicine. This new field has been termed "Molecular Biotechnology" and its focus is more on Science and its techniques than on fermenters and engineering. This book summarizes the basic knowledge of cell and molecular biology, introduces the main methods and explains concepts and applications in more detail.

A very detailed introduction to the fundamentals in molecular and cell biology is followed by an overview of standard techniques applied in molecular biotechnology -- including chromatography and electrophoresis, cloning techniques, gene expression systems, immunological methods, labeling of proteins and in situ-techniques, microscopy and laser systems. The third part then focuses on the key topics of molecular biotechnology, ranging from functional genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics to drug targeting, recombinant antibodies, structural biology, gene therapy and knock mice. The whole is rounded off by a section on biotechnology in industry dealing with patenting issues, company foundation and market opportunities.

Biotechnology is our use of living organisms to produce useful products and services. This involves the manipulation of living organisms, frequently through genetic engineering. For years now there have been products on the market produced with the help of biotechnology, for example beer and yoghurt. Today, more and more products derived from biotechnology are being brought onto the market. Medicines such as insulin for the treatment of diabetes have been used for years, while others have only recently been introduced.

Over 600 pages this book provides students and professionals in life sciences, pharmacy and biochemistry with all they need to know about molecular biotechnology.



The Cell as the Basic Unit of Life (M. Wink)
Structure and Function of Cellular Macromolecules (M. Wink)
Structure and Functions of a Cell (M. Wink)
Biosynthesis and Function of Macromolecules (DNA, RNA, and Proteins) (M. Wink)
Distributing Proteins in the Cell (Protein Sorting) (M. Wink)
Evolution and Diversity of Organisms (M. Wink)


Isolation and Purification of Proteins (T. Wieland, M. Lutz)
Peptide and Protein Analysis with Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry (A. Schlosser, W.D. Lehmann)
Isolation of DNA and RNA (H. Weiher, R. Zwacka, I. Herr)
Chromatography and Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids (H. Weiher, R. Zwacka, I. Herr)
Hybridization of Nucleic Acids (H. Weiher, R. Zwacka, I. Herr)
Use of Enzymes in the Modification of Nucleic Acids (A. Groth, R. Zwacka, H. Weiher, I. Herr)
Polymerase Chain Reaction (A. Mohr, H. Weiher, I. Herr, R. Zwacka)
DNA Sequencing (R. Zwacka, A. Mohr, I. Herr, H. Weiher)
Cloning Procedures (T. Wieland, S. Lutz)
Expression of Recombinant Proteins (T. Wieland, S. Lutz)
Patch Clamp Method (R. Kraft)
Cell Cycle Analysis (S. Wölfl, A. Kitanovic)
Microscopic Techniques (S. Diekmann)
Laser Applications (M. Vogel, R. Fink)


Genomics and Functional Genomics (S.Wiemann, M. Frohme)
Bioinformatics (B. Brors, K. Fellenberg)
Cellular Systems Biology (H. Schmidt-Gienewinkel, S. Legewie, B. Brors, R. König)
Protein?Protein and Protein?DNA Interaction (P. Uetz, E. Pohl)
Drug Research (M. Koegl, R. Tolle, U. Deuschle, C. Kremoser)
Drug Targeting and Prodrugs (G. Fricker)
Molecular Diagnostics in Medicine (S. Wölfl, R. Gessner)
Recombinant Antibodies and Phage Display (S. Dübel)
Transgenic and Gene-Targeted Mice and their Impact in Medical Research (R. Sprengel)
Gene Therapy: Strategies and Vectors (A. Groth, I. Herr)
RNA Interference, Modified DNA, Peptide Nucleic Acid, and Applications in Medicine and Biotechnology (N. Metzler-Nolte, A. Sosniak)
Plant Biotechnology (H. Hillebrand, R. Hell)
Biocatalysis in the Chemical Industry (M. Breuer, B. Hauer)


Industrial Application: Biotech Industry, Markets, and Opportunities (J. Schüler)
Patents in the Molecular Biotechnology Industry: Legal and Ethical Issues (David B. Resnik)
Drug Approval in the European Union and United States (G. Walsh)
Emergence of a Biotechnology Industry (C. Kremoser)
The 101 of Founding a Biotech Company (C. Kremoser)
Marketing (C. Kremoser)

Further Reading
Glossary (M. Wink)
Subject Index

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