Agricultural Biotechnology - Challenges and Prospects

Edited by Mahesh K. Bhalgat, William P. Ridley, and Allan S. Felsot 
OUP  2004  

Hardback  232 pages  ISBN 9780841238152      £99.00
An American Chemical Society Publication number No. 866



  • 1 Introduction to Agricultural Biotechnology: Challenges and Prospects. William P. Ridley

Benefits: Present and Future

  • 2 The Future of Agrobiotechnology: Implications for National Competitiveness. Nicholas G. Kalaitzandonakes
  • 3 Insecticidal Bacillus thurgingiensis Plants versus Chemical Insecticides . Janet E. Carpenter, Sujatha Sankula, Cressida S. Silvers, and Leonard P. Gianessi
  • 4 Applications of Biotechnology for Improving the Healthfulness and Utility of Cereals. Ann E. Blechl

Analytical Methodologies

  • Enabling Grain Distribution and Food Labeling Using Protein Immunoassays for Products of Agricultural Biotechnology. James W. Stave, Michael C. Brown, Jon Chen, Alan B. McQuillin, and Dale V. Onisk
  • 6 Development of Polymerase Chain Reaction Methods to Detect Plant DNA in Animal Tissues. Matthias Klaften, Amy Whetsell, Jeremy Webster, Rupinder Grewal, Eric Fedyk, Ralf Einspanier, James Jennings, Ronald Lirette, and Kevin Glenn

Food, Feed, and Environmental Safety Assessment

  • A Review of Food/Feed Safety and Benefits of Bacillus thuringiensis Protein Containing Insect-Protected Crops . Bruce Hammond
  • 8 Impact of Bacillus thuringiensis Corn Pollen on Monarch Butterfly Populations: A Risk Assessment . Mark K. Sears
  • 9 Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis Corn on Natural Enemies of the European Corn Boyer . Kevin L. Steffey, Maria Venditti, Barbara Ria Barrido, and Allan S. Felsot
  • 10 Allegy Assessment for Food Biotechnology. Gary Bannon, James Astwood, Richard Goodman, Susan Hefle, and Steve Taylor
  • 11 Role of Compositional Analyses in the Evaluation of Substantial Equivalence for Biotechnology Crops. William P. Ridley, Ravinder S. Sidhu, James D. Astwood, and Roy L. Fuchs
  • 12 Biotechnology Crops as Feeds for Livestock. J.H. Clark and I.R. Ipharraguerre

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