Phage Display - A Practical Approach

Edited by Tim Clackson and Henry B. Lowman 
OUP  February 2004  

Paperback  256 pages  ISBN 9780199638734      £65.00

Hardback  256 pages  ISBN 9780199638741      £125.00
A single point of reference for all aspects of this often daunting, multi-step technology

  • "Modular" chapters on making libraries, performing selections, and analyzing clones
  • Extensively cross-referenced
  • Draws on work from a variety of leading labs in the field

Readership: 1) Graduate students and postdocs embarking on a phage display project 2) Principal Investigators who are considering phage display projects or who are relatively new to the field-could be basic researchers, clinical researchers, or researchers in drug discovery (biotech/pharma) 3) Established phage display users 4) Curious chemists


  • Introduction to phage biology and phage display , Russel, Lowman and Clackson
  • Constructing phage display libraries by oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis , Sidhu and Weiss
  • In vitro DNA recombination , Miyazaki and Arnold
  • Phage selection strategies for improved affinity and specificity of proteins and peptides , Dennis and Lowman
  • Rapid screening of phage displayed protein binding affinities by phage ELISA , DeLano and Cunningham
  • Identification of novel ligands for receptors using recombinant peptide libraries , Cwirla et al
  • Substrate phage display , Matthews and Ballinger
  • Protease-based selection of stably folded proteins and protein domains from phage display libraries , Tuna et al
  • Phage display of zinc fingers and other nucleic acid-binding motifs , Isalan and Choo
  • In vivo and ex vivo selections using phage-displayed libraries , Hoffman et al
  • Screening phage libraries with sera , Monaci and Cortese
  • Interaction cloning using cDNA libraries displayed on phage , Jespers and Fransen
  • Phage antibody libraries , Bradbury and Marks
  • Affinity maturation of phage antibodies , Neilson and Marks

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