Lobsters: Biology, Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries

Edited by Bruce Phillips 
Blackwell  June 2006  

Hardback  528 pages, 178 illustrations.  ISBN 9781405126571      £170.00
Lobsters are one of the most commercially important groups of animals harvested and farmed throughout the world. Bringing high prices on the market and the table, the results and yields of farmed species has seen continued growth.

Under the Editorship of Bruce Phillips an international team of authors provide exhaustive coverage of these fascinating creatures, stretching from growth and development to management and conservation.

Fisheries scientists, aquaculture personnel, aquatic and invertebrate biologists, physiologists, ecologists, marine biologists and environmental biologists will all find this a vital source of reference. Libraries in universities and research establishments where biological and life sciences and fisheries and aquaculture are studied and taught will find it a valuable addition to their shelves.


  • Chapter 1 Growth & Development: Understanding and Modelling Growth Variability in Lobsters Rick Wahle & Mike Fogarty
  • Chapter 2 Reproduction Alison B. MacDiarmid & Bernard Sainte-Marie
  • Chapter 3 Behaviour Michael Childress & Steven Jury
  • Chapter 4 Phylogeny and Evolution Sheila Patek, Rodney M. Feldman, Megan Porter & Dale Tshudy
  • Chapter 5 Pathogens, Parasites And Other Symbionts Jeff Shields, Fran Stephens & Brian Jones
  • Chapter 6 Nutrition of Wild and Cultured Lobsters Mathew M. Nelson, Peter D. Nichols, Andrew G. Jeffs, Charles F. Phleger & Michael P. Bruce
  • Chapter 7 Larval and Postlarval Ecology Bruce Phillips, John D. Booth, J. Stanley Cobb, Andrew Jeffs & Paulette McWilliam
  • Chapter 8 Juvenile and Adult Ecology Mark J. Butler, Robert S. Steneck & William F. Herrnkind
  • Chapter 9 Homarus species J. Stanley Cobb & Kathy Castro
  • Chapter 10 Jasus species John D. Booth
  • Chapter 11 Panulirus Species Bruce F. Phillips & Roy Melville-Smith
  • Chapter 12 Palinurus species Johan Groeneveld, Raquel Goni & Daniel Latrouite
  • Chapter 13 Nephrops species Mike Bell, Frank Redant & Ian Tuck
  • Chapter 14 Scyllarides Species Ehud Spanier & Kari Lavalli
  • Chapter 15 Conclusions Bruce Phillips
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