Brined Cheeses

Edited by A Y Tamime 
Blackwell  July 2006  

Hardback  344 pages, 103 illustrations.  ISBN 9781405124607      £135.00
Brined cheeses such as feta and halloumi have seen a large increase in popularity and as a result, increasing economic value. Over the past two decades the dairy industry has carried out much research into starter cultures alongside technological developments, widening the range of brined cheese products available to consumers worldwide.

The third title in the SDT series, Brined Cheeses gathers research on this important range of cheese varieties from around the world into a single volume, offering the reader:

  • A practically-oriented and user-friendly guide
  • Key commercially important information
  • Coverage of all the major stages of manufacture
  • Background to each variety
  • Review of how different varieties are utilised in different countries

Edited by Adnan Tamime, with contributions from international authors and full of core commercially useful information for the dairy industry, this book is an essential title for dairy scientists, dairy technologists and nutritionists worldwide.


  • Chapter 1 Constituents and Properties of Milk from Different Species
  • Chapter 2 Feta and Other Balkan Cheeses
  • Chapter 3 Industrial Manufacture of Feta-Type Cheeses
  • Chapter 4 Halloumi Cheese
  • Chapter 5 North African Brined Cheeses
  • Chapter 6 Brined Cheeses from the Middle East and Turkey
  • Chapter 7 Brined Cheeses and Analogues of Latin American Origin
  • Chapter 8 Brined Indigenous Cheese of the Philippines
  • Chapter 9 Quality of the Brine
  • Chapter 10 Utilisation of Brined Cheeses in Other Food Preparations
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