Pesticides - Health, Safety and the Environment

G A Matthews 
Blackwell  July 2006  

Hardback  248 pages, 115 illustrations.  ISBN 9781405130912      £105.00
Over the last five decades pesticides have undoubtedly helped to increase agricultural production and control vectors of disease, however the environmental impact of long term agro-chemical use has been cause for concern along with the effects on human health.

In Pesticides; Health, Safety and the Environment, Graham Matthews begins by looking at the developmental history of pesticides, and how crop protection was achieved before they were in use, how pesticides are registered for use and what happens to pesticides in food and the environment. Pesticide application and operator safety is investigated and the future of pesticides in light of the development of genetically modified crops is explored.

Collecting together the most recent research in the area in a single volume, Pesticides: Health, Safety and the Environment is a vital resource for agricultural scientists, agronomists, plant scientists, plant pathologists, entomologists, environmental scientists, public health personnel, toxicologists, crop protection personnel and all those involved in the agrochemical industry and government pesticide registration and legislation.



  • Chapter 1 Pesticides and agricultural development
  • Chapter 2 Approval of pesticidesChapter 3 Application of pesticides
  • Chapter 4 Operator exposure
  • Chapter 5 Spray drift, bystander, resident and worker exposure
  • Chapter 6 Environmental aspects of spray drift
  • Chapter 7 Residues in food
  • Chapter 8 The future of pesticides


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