Fungal Biology (4th edition)

Jim deacon 
Blackwell  July 2005  

Paperback  372 pages, 351 illustrations.  ISBN 9781405130660      £40.00
Fungal Biology is the fully updated new edition of this undergraduate text, covering all major areas of fungal biology and providing insights into many topical areas.

  • Provides insights into many topical areas such as fungal ultrastructure and the mechanisms of fungal growth, important fungal metabolites and the molecular techniques used to study fungal populations.
  • Focuses on the interactions of fungi that form the basis for developing biological control agents, with several commercial examples of the control of insect pests and plant diseases.
  • Emphasises the functional biology of fungi, with examples from recent research.
  • Includes a clear illustrative account of the features and significance of the main fungal groups.



  • 1 Introduction: the fungi and fungal activities
  • 2 The diversity of fungi and fungus-like organisms
  • 3 Fungal structure and ultrastructure
  • 4 Fungal growth
  • 5 Differentiation and development
  • 6 Fungal nutrition
  • 7 Fungal metabolism and fungal products
  • 8 Environmental conditions for growth, and tolerance of extremes
  • 9 Fungal genetics, molecular genetics, and genomics
  • 10 Fungal spores, spore dormancy, and spore dispersal
  • 11 Fungal ecology: saprotrophs
  • 12 Fungal interactions: mechanisms and practical exploitation
  • 13 Fungal symbiosis
  • 14 Fungi as plant pathogens
  • 15 Fungal parasites of insects and nematodes
  • 16 "The moulds of man"
  • 17 Principles and practice of controlling fungal growth

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