A Systematic Catalogue of Eight Scale Insect Families (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of the World

Yair Ben-Dov 
Elsevier  2006  

Hardcover  388 pages  ISBN 9780444528360      £120.00
A Systematic Catalogue of Soft-Scale Insects is a synthesis and catalogue of all the information published on eight families of scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) worldwide from 1758 to the present. Data is provided on their correct scientific names, common names, synonyms, taxonomy, host plants, distribution, natural enemies, biology, and economic importance.

Families covered:

  • Aclerdidae -57 species in 5 genera
  • Asterolecaniidae -229 species in 21 genera
  • Beesoniidae - 15 species in 6 genera
  • Carayonemidae - 4 species in 4 genera
  • Conchaspididae - 29 species in 4 genera
  • Dactylopiidae - 10 species in 1 genus
  • Kerriidae - 97 species in 9 genera
  • Lecanodiaspididae - 82 species in 12 genera

This book will be a valuable compendium of biological and systematic information for zoologists, entomologists, crop protection specialists, quarantine officers, students studying entomology and related disciplines, and others who require information about scale insects for research and control projects


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Aclerdidae Catalogue References Indexes

Asterolecaniidae Catalogue References Indexes

Beesoniidae Catalogue References Indexes

Carayonemidae Catalogue References Indexes

Conchaspididae Catalogue References Indexes

Dactylopiidae Catalogue References Indexes

Kerriidae Catalogue References Indexes

Lecanodiaspididae Catalogue References Indexes

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