Viruses in Foods

Edited by Sagar Goyal 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  345 p., 13 illus.  ISBN 9780387289359      £132.00
This is the first book to focus entirely on viruses in foods. It collates information on the occurrence, detection, transmission, and epidemiology of viruses in various foods. Although methods for bacterial detection in food are available, methods for detection of viruses in food, with the exception of shellfish, are not available. It is important, therefore, to develop methods for direct examination of food for viruses and to explore alternate indicators that can accurately reflect the virological quality of food.

This book addresses these issues along with strategies for the prevention and control of viral contamination of food.

Written for food safety experts, food microbiologists, public health workers, sanitarians, departments of health, and personnel involved in food production and processing


  • Food Virology: Past, Present and Future
  • Human and animal viruses in food.
  • Molecular virology of enteric viruses
  • Methods of virus detection in foods.
  • Molecular Methods of Virus Detection.
  • Survival and transport of enteric viruses in the environment.
  • Bcterial indicators of viruses
  • Bacteriophages as fecal indicator organisms.
  • Shellfish-associated viral disease outbreaks
  • Epidemiology of viral foodborne outbreaks
  • Role of Irrigation water in Crop Contamination by Viruses
  • Chemical disinfection strategies against foodborne viruses
  • Foodborne Viruses: Prevention and Control
  • Index.
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