The ABCs of Gene Cloning (2nd edition)

Dominic W.S. Wong 
Springer  2006  

Softcover  248 p., 5 illus  ISBN 9780387286631      £34.00
Clear and concise, this easy-to-use text offers an introductory course on the language of gene cloning, covering microbial, plant, and animal systems. The essential concepts in biology relevant to the understanding of gene cloning are presented in a well-organized and accessible manner.

This updated version of the first edition is an invaluable book for nonscientists as well as scientists with little background knowledge in gene cloning, providing a wealth of information for anyone wishing to gain proficiency in reading and speaking the language of gene cloning.

Written for students studying Genetics and Biomedicine with no prior knowledge of the subject



Part One. Fundamentals of Genetic Processes

  • Introductory Concepts
  • Structures of Nucleic Acids
  • Structures of Proteins
  • The Genetic Process
  • Organization of Genes
  • Reading the Nucleotide Sequence of a Gene

Part Two. Techniques and Strategies of Gene Cloning

  • Enzymes Used in Cloning
  • Techniques Used in Cloning
  • Cloning Vectors for Introducing Genes into Host Cells
  • Transformation
  • Isolating Genes for Cloning

Part Three. Impact of Gene Cloning - Applications in Agriculture

  • Improving Tomato Quality by Antisense RNA
  • Transgenic Crops Engineered with Insecticidal Activity
  • Transgenic Crops Conferred with Herbicide Resistance
  • Growth Enhancement in Transgenic Fish

Part Four. Impact of Gene Cloning - Applications in Medicine and Related Areas

  • Microbial Production of Recombinant Human Insulin
  • Finding Disease-Causing Genes
  • Human Gene Therapy
  • Gene Targeting
  • DNA Typing
  • Transpharmers - Bioreactors for Pharmaceutical Products
  • Animal Cloning
  • Human Genome Sequencing

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