Biological Ice Nucleation and It's Applications

Edited by Richard E. Lee, Jr., Gareth J. Warren and L.V. Gusta 
APS Press  1995  

Hardcover  370 pages with 78 black and white illustrations  ISBN 0890541728      £85.00
A select group of bacteria plays a key role in the phenomenon of ice nucleation, their actions having an impact on the frost sensitivity of plants, the winter survival of certain insects, and even on weather systems. This is the first book to integrate the ice nucleation research of plant physiologists, crop scientists, microbiologists, biochemists, bacteriologists, entomologists, and food scientists worldwide. The table of contents is as follows:

  • Principles of Ice Nucleation
  • Discovery of Bacterial Ice Nucleation and Its Role in the Injury of Plants by Frost
  • Ecology of Ice Nucleation-Active Bacteria
  • Biochemistry of Bacterial Ice Nuclei
  • Identification and Analysis of ina Genes and Proteins
  • Molecular Modelling of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Bacterial ina Proteins
  • Freezing Tolerance in Plants: An Overview
  • Ice Nucleation Activity Associated with Plants and Fungi
  • Deep Supercooling in Woody Plants and the Role of Cell Wall Structure
  • Deep Supercooling in Buds of Woody Plants
  • The Roles of Ice Nucleators in Cold Tolerant Invertebrates
  • Supercooling and Ice Nucleation in Vertebrate Ectotherms
  • Control of Epiphytic Ice Nucleation Active Bacteria for Management of Plant Frost Injury
  • Biological Control of Insect Pests Using Ice Nucleating Microorganisms
  • Ice Nucleation Genes as Reporters
  • Transduction of ina Genes for Bacterial Identification
  • Applications of Bacterial Ice-Nucleation Activity in Food Processing
  • Role of Nucleation in Cryopreservation
  • Applications of Biological Ice Nucleators in Spray Ice
  • Glossary
  • Index

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