Physiology and Molecular Biology of Stress Tolerance in Plants

Edited by Madhava Rao, K.V.; Raghavendra, A.S.; Janardhan Reddy, K. 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  345 pp  ISBN 9781402042249      £157.00
Today, biologists all over the world speak the same scientific language of molecular biology and use the same molecular tools. More interest and attention is given to molecular biology of abiotic stress tolerance and modes of installing better tolerant mechanisms in crop plants. These studies make plants capable of sustaining their yields even under stress conditions. Further, the information gained may form the basis for its application in biotechnology and bioinformatics. This book does not only review the current status in the physiology and molecular biology of stress tolerance and its improvement in plants but will also trigger further research on this exciting topic.

Written for postgraduate students, research workers, faculty and scientists involved in plant sciences, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, plant biotechnology, bioinformatics and related areas



  • 1. Introduction ; K.V. Madhava Rao.
  • 2.Water Stress; A. Yokota, K. Takahara and K. Akashi.
  • 3.Salt Stress; Zora Dajic
  • 4. High Temperature Stress; Thomas D. Sharkey and Stephen M. Schrader
  • 5. Freezing Stress; Russell G. Trischuk, Brian S. Schilling, M. Wisniewski and Lawrence V. Gusta
  • 6.Photooxidative Stress; Attipalli R. Reddy and Agepati S. Raghavendra
  • 7.Nutrient Stress; K. Janardhan Reddy
  • 8.Heavy Metal Stress; Ksenija Gasic and Schuyler S. Korban
  • 9.Metabolic Engineering for Stress Tolerance; Bala Rathinasabapathi and Ramandeep Kaur
  • 10.Functional Genomics of Stress Tolerance; Akhilesh K. Tyagi, Shubha Vij and Navinder Saini


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