Flower Breeding and Genetics - Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century

Edited by Neil O Anderson 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  822 pp  ISBN 9781402044274      £251.00

Softcover  822 pp  ISBN 9781402065699      £103.00
Flowers are essential crops which beautify interiorscapes, outdoor landscapes and enhance human health. Floriculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors of commercial agriculture world-wide with many highly profitable crops. Such a diversity of new and domesticated flower crops is created by public and private sector flower breeders. This book provides a unique and valuable resource on the many issues and challenges facing flower breeders, as well as the industry at-large. In this volume, the first comprehensive assemblage of its kind, a team of 32 international authorities has contributed to make this book a €must-have€ reference to research and develop flower crops for the 21st century consumers. Part 1 of this book (flower breeding program issues) contains unique features of interest to horticultural professionals and students, include coverage of plant protection strategies, cultivar trialing methodology, germplasm collection/preservation, preventing invasiveness, and other timely topics.

The collective body of knowledge for 24 flower crops (Part 2: Crop-specific Breeding and Genetics) represents the in-depth science and art of breeding technology available for bedding plants, flowering potted plants, cut flowers, and herbaceous perennials. Each author provides crop-specific history, evolution, biology, taxonomy, state-of-the-art breeding/genetics, classical/molecular technologies, species traits, interspecific hybridization, and directions for future development/enhancement.

Written for undergraduate and graduate students in plant breeding and genetics, flower breeders and geneticists, floriculturists, ornamental horticulturists, plant breeders, marketing and plant protection agents, invasive biologists, plant germplasm and preservation agents


Colour section.
Introduction. Neil O. Anderson.


  • 1. Factors affecting flowering in ornamental plants; J. Erwin.
  • 2. Creation of new floral products. Annualization of perennials Horticultural and commercial significance; H. Wilkins and N.O. Anderson.
  • 3. Cultivar testing. America€s trial gardens; J. Nau.
  • 4. Protection: Plant patents, utility patents, plant breeders€ rights, trademarks, branding, royalties; P. Aguirre.
  • 5. Herbaceous ornamental plant germplasm conservation and use. Theoretical and practical treatments; D. Tay.
  • 6. Prevention of invasiveness in floricultural crops; N.O. Anderson.


Bedding Plants:

  • 7. Ageratum. Ageratum houstonianum; L. Stephens.
  • 8. Anagallis. Anagallis monellii; R. Freyre.
  • 9. Begonia. History and breeding; A.K. Hvoslef-Eide and C. Munster.
  • 10. Impatiens. Impatiens wallerana; M.S. Uchneat.
  • 11. Petunia. Petunia x hybrida. R.J. Griesbach.
  • 12. Zinnia. Zinnia elegans, Z. angustifolia; D. Stimart and T. Boyle. Flowering Potted Plants:
  • 13. Cacti. Schlumbergera truncata, S. x buckleyi, Hatiora gaertneri; T. Boyle.
  • 14. Chrysanthemum. Dendranthema x grandiflora Tzvelv; N.O. Anderson.
  • 15. Crapemyrtle. Lagerstroemia indica; M. Pooler.
  • 16. Cyclamen. Cyclamen persicum Mill; T. Takamura.
  • 17. Hibiscus. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis; G.A. Akpan.
  • 18. Lachenalia. Lachenalia spp; R. Kleyhans.
  • 19. Lily. Lilium hybrids; K.B. Lim and J.M. Van Tuyl.
  • 20. Orchids. Dendrobium; A.R. Kuehnle.
  • 21. Ornamental pepper. Capsicum annuum; J.R. Stummel and P.W. Bosland.
  • 22. Exacum. Exacum affine and related species; A. Riseman,
  • 23. Tulip. Tulipa gesneriana and Tulipa hybrids; J.M. Van Tuyl and M.G.M. van Creij.

Cut Flowers:

  • 24. Lisianthus. Eustoma grandiflorum; B.K. Harbaugh.
  • 25. Freesia. Freesia x hybrida; L. Wang.
  • 26. Rose. Rosa x hybrida; D.C. Zlesak.
  • 27. Star of Bethlehem. Ornithogalum; G.M. Littlejohn.

Herbaceous Perennials:

  • 28. Monard, Bee-balm. Monarda didyma; C.G. Davidson.
  • 29. Clematis. Clematis species; D.T. Lindgren.
  • 30. Coneflower. Echinacea species; J.R. Ault.
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