Plant Resistance to Arthropods - Molecular and Conventional Approaches

Michael C Smith 
Springer  2005  

Hardback  423 pp  ISBN 9783540001188      £94.00
This book synthesizes new information about the environmental advantages of plant resistance, transgenic resistance, the molecular bases of resistance, and the use of molecular markers to map resistance genes. Readers are presented in-depth descriptions of techniques to quantify resistance, factors affecting resistance expression, and the deployment of resistance genes. New information about gene-for-gene interactions between resistant plants and arthropod biotypes is discussed along with the recent examples of using arthropod resistant plants in integrated pest management systems.

Written for graduates, scientists, researchers



  • Antixenosis
  • Adverse Effects of Resistance on Arthropod Behavior
  • Antibiosis
  • Adverse Effects of Resistance on Arthropod Biology
  • Tolerance
  • The Effect of Plant Growth Characters on Arthropod Resistance
  • Locating Sources of Resistance
  • Techniques to Measure Resistance
  • Factors Affecting the Expression of Plant Resistance to Arthropods
  • Inheritance of Arthropod Resistance
  • Constitutive and Induced Resistance Genes
  • Transgenic Arthropod Resistance
  • Arthropod Biotypes
  • Plant Resistance in Arthropod Pest Management Systems


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