Natural Resistance Mechanisms of Plants to Viruses

Edited by Loebenstein, Gad; Carr, John Peter 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  532 pp  ISBN 9781402037795      £162.00
This book is a first attempt to link well known plant resistance phenomena with emerging concepts in molecular biology. Resistance phenomena such as the local lesion response, induced resistance, "green islands" and resistance in various crop plants are linked with new information on gene-silencing mechanisms, gene silencing suppressors, movement proteins and plasmodesmatal gating, downstream signalling components, etc.

Written for plant virologists, plant molecular biologists, plant pathologists, plant applied biologists, plant breeders, general virologists



Part A. General Aspects.

  • 1. Applied aspects of induced resistance to plant virus infection; J.F. Murphy.
  • 2. Viral determinants of resistance versus susceptibility; J.E. Schoelz.
  • 3. RNA silencing: a natural resistance mechanism in plants; E. Bucher, M. Prins.
  • 4. Recognition and signal transduction associated with R gene-mediated resistance; J.J. Caplan, S.P. Dinesh-Kumar.
  • 5. The local lesion response; G. Loebenstein, F. Akad.
  • 6. Induced resistance mechanisms; A. Gilliland et al.
  • 7. Host gene-mediated virus resistance mechanisms and signaling in Arabidopsis; P. Kachroo.
  • 8. Viral counter-defense molecules; P. Palukaitis, S. MacFarlane.
  • 9. Dark green islands; the phenomenon; C.J. Moore, R.M. MacDiarmid.
  • 10. Resistance to infection; G. Bruening.
  • 11. Reducing virus associated crop loss through resistance to insect vectors; M.A. Mutschler, W.M. Wintermantel.
  • 12. Cross-protection; A. Gal-on, Y.M. Shiboleth.
  • 13. Arrest in viral transport as basis for plant resistance to infection; S. Ueki, V. Citovsky.
  • 14. Plant metabolism associated with resistance and susceptibility; M. Handford, J.P. Carr.

Part B. Crop Related.

  • 1. Resistance to viruses in potato; H. Barker, M.F.B. Dale.
  • 2. Common beans; F.J. Morales.
  • 3. Virus susceptibility and resistance in lettuce; T. Candresse et al.
  • 4. Resistance to tobacco mosaic virus and tomato mosaic virus in tomato; A.J.P. Pfitzner.
  • 5. Resistance to Turnip mosaic virus in the Brassicaceae; J.A. Walsh, C.E. Jenner.
  • 6. Virus resistance in rice; D. Fargette et al.
  • 7. Cassava; G. Thottappilly et al.
  • 8. Natural resistance mechanisms to viruses in barley; M.C. Edwards et al.
  • 9. Resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus in tomato; M. Lapidot, J.E. Polston.
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