Plant-Associated Bacteria

Edited by Gnanamanickam, Samuel S. 
Springer  2006  

Hardback  724 p  ISBN 9781402045363      £158.00

Softcover  724 p  ISBN 9781402045370      £81.00
This volume is developed on the broad theme of plant-associated bacteria. It is envisioned as a resource volume for researchers working with beneficial and harmful groups of bacteria associated with crop plants. The book is divided into two parts. Part I (9 chapters) on beneficial bacteria includes chapters on symbiotic nitrogen fixers, diazotrophs, epiphytes, endophytes and rhizosphere bacteria and deleterious rhizobacteria. Part II (8 chapters) consists of detailed descriptions of 8 genera of plant pathogenic bacteria: Agrobacterium, Clavibacter, soft-rot Erwinia, Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, Ralstonia, Burkholderia and Acidovorax and Herbaspirillum. There is an opening chapter on the plant-associated bacteria survey, molecular phylogeny, genomics and recent advances. And each chapter includes terminology/definitions, molecular phylogeny, methods that can be used (both traditional and latest molecular tools) and applications.

Written for research scientists in microbiology, plant pathology, plant physiology, chemistry, genetics and molecular biology



  • 1. Plant-associated bacteria: survey, molecular biology genomics and recent advances; G.A. Beattie.
  • 2. Rhizobium-legume symbioses: molecular signals elaborated by rhizobia that are important for nudulation; H.B. Krishnan, J.O. Bennett.
  • 3. Nitorgen fixing bacteria in nonlegumes; D.A. Dalton, S. Kramer.
  • 4. Epiphytic bacteria, their ecology and functions; S.S. Gnanamanickam, J.E. Immanuel.
  • 5. Bacterial endophytes: The endophytic niche, its occupants and its utility; C.W. Bacon, D.M. Hinton.
  • 6. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR); A.R. Podile, G.K. Kishore.
  • 7. Contribution of studies on suppressive soils to the identification of bacterial biocontrol agents and to the knowledge of their modes of action; P. Lemanceau et al.
  • 8. Root-associated bacteria including systemic resistance; L.C. van Loon, P.A.H.M. Bakker.
  • 9. Rhizosphere competence and role of root colonization in biocontrol; S. de Weert, G. Bloemberg.
  • 10. Deleterious rhizobacteria; R.J. Kremer.
  • 11. Agrobacterium biology and crown gall disease; A. Anand, K. Mysore.
  • 12. Clavibacter michiganensis, a group of gram-positive phytopathogenic bacteria; R. Eichenlaub et al.
  • 13. The soft rot Erwinia; A.O. Charkowsky.
  • 14. Plant pathogenic Pseudomonas species; M. Hofte, P. de Vos.
  • 15. Virulence functions of xanthomonads; S. Subramoni et al.
  • 16. Plant pathogenic Ralstonia species; T. Denny.
  • 17. Burkholderia; R. Gitaitis, K. Nischwitz.
  • 18. Plant pathogenic members of the genera Acidovorax and Herbaspirillum; M. Fegan.


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