E Issues in Agribusiness: The What, Why and How

K P Bryceson 
CABI  July 2006  

Hardback  384 pp  ISBN 9781845930714      £38.00
Combining theory with practice, this book explores the key operational issues facing people wanting to move into electronically enabled agribusiness. Combining theory with real life examples it outlines what exactly "electronically- enabled" agribusiness is, why agribusiness wants to embrace the electronic era, and how it can go about doing it. It discusses cutting edge innovations in business systems such as precision farming and livestock electronic identification, risk management, supply and value chain management, knowledge management and e-governance. It also reviews the underlying technological challenges, e-enabled business models and e-strategies, management concepts and innovative education programmes.

Of interest to: Agribusiness, agriculture, resource economics, animal science, professional agribusiness managers and government officers.


  • Introduction - The Balancing Act
  • An Agribusiness in the eLandscape
  • Creating Value in the E Agribusiness World
  • The KID Triangle - Knowledge, Information and Data in the E World
  • Agri-food Chains in the E World
  • Managing Uncertainty in the E World
  • Food Tracking and Traceability in the E World
  • Is the Agribusiness E-Ready?
  • The Practicalities of Making It Happen
  • E-Governance and Legal Issues in the E World
  • Final Thoughts - Future Proofing
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