Organic Agriculture A Global Perspective

Edited by P Kristiansen, A Taji and J Reganold 
CABI  July 2006  

Hardback  320 pp  ISBN 9781845931698      £90.00
There is a growing niche market world-wide for organic produce. However there are considerable problems in expanding organic production and it is often considered a lifestyle or philosophical choice rather than an alternative source of ideas to improve farming systems. This book provides an overview of organic systems, from production through to the economic, social and political aspects. It presents a critical appraisal of the successes and limitations of organic production systems and highlights recent innovations. The book concludes by looking at the future challenges facing the organic agriculture industry.

Of interest to: Agricultural scientists, farmers, environmentalists and students.


Organic production

  • Overview of Organic Agriculture
  • Soil Fertility in Organic Farming Systems
  • Crop Agronomy in Organic Agriculture
  • Special topic 1: Developing No-Tillage Systems Without Chemicals: the Best of Both Worlds?
  • Crop Protection in Organic Agriculture
  • Organic Plant Breeding & Seed Production: Ecological & Ethical Aspects
  • Special topic 2: Biodynamic Agriculture Today
  • Organic Livestock Husbandry & Breeding
  • Animal Health & Nutrition in Organic Farming
  • Animal Welfare & Ethics in Organic Agriculture

Regulatory and management issues

  • Organic Standards & Certification
  • Special topic 3: Contradiction of Principles in Organic Farming
  • Economic Management in Organic Agriculture
  • Understanding the Market for Organic Food

Beyond the farm gate

  • Environmental Impacts of Organic Farming
  • Special topic 4: Tillage: How Bad is it in Organic Agriculture?
  • Food Quality & Organic Agriculture
  • Social Responsibilities of Organic Agriculture: Learning, Collaboration & Regulation
  • Special topic 5: Voice from the Other Side: A Ghanaian View on Organics

Knowledge and capacity building

  • Research to Support the Development of Organic Food & Farming
  • Education & Training in Ecological Agriculture: Nordic Region & the USA
  • Design of Farmer Education & Training in Organic Agriculture


  • Key Issues and Challenges for the Future
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