Coral Reef Restoration Handbook

Edited by William F. Precht 
CRC Press  May 2006  

Hardback  384  ISBN 9780849320736      £80.00
  • Assesses aesthetic components of ecological restoration
  • Analyzes the role of technology transfer on the rehabilitation process
  • Examines applied experimental ecology
  • Provides fresh insight from practical restoration case studies
  • Explores methods to help determine how much compensatory restoration is necessary
  • Considers the benefits of a cooperative Natural Resources Damage Assessment
  • Discusses ethical dilemmas in coral reef restoration

Most of what we know about the rehabilitation of coral reef systems stems from efforts to repair reefs injured by vessels that have run aground. To date, however, there is a paucity of published literature regarding the efficacy and/or failure of coral reef restoration techniques. While most of the literature that is available comes from meeting abstracts, workshops and technical memoranda, these papers and reports have forged a scientific framework that can help guide future efforts.

The Coral Reef Restoration Handbook is the first published volume devoted to the science of coral reef restoration. It offers a scientific, conceptual framework along with practical strategies for reef assessment and restoration. Contributors from a variety of disciplines discuss engineering, geological, biological, and socioeconomic factors to create a text that is designed to guide scientists and resource managers in the decision-making process from initial assessment of the injury through conceptual restoration design, implementation, and monitoring. An excellent selection of relevant case studies is utilized to illustrate concepts and challenges inherent in the process of restoration.

This volume gives reef scientists and managers the opportunity to glean significant information from previous efforts. It provides them with the opportunity to build on the lessons learned and develop successful restoration efforts into the future.


  • Coral Reef Restoration: The Rehabilitation of an Ecosystem under Siege; William F. Precht and Martha Robbart
  • A Thousand Cuts? An Assessment of Small-Boat Grounding Damage to Shallow Corals of the Florida Keys; Steven J. Lutz
  • Coral Reef Restoration: An Overview; Beth Zimmer
  • Natural Resilience of Coral Reef Ecosystems; N.J. Quinn and B.L. Kojis
  • Compensatory Restoration: How Much Is Enough? Legal, Economic, and Ecological Considerations; Sharon K. Shutler, Steve Gittings, Tony Penn, and Joe Schittone
  • Applied Modeling of Coral Reef Ecosystem Function and Recovery; Gregory A. Piniak, Mark S. Fonseca, W. Judson Kenworthy, Paula E. Whitfield, Gary Fisher, and Brian E. Julius
  • If You Build It, Will They Come? Toward a Concrete Basis for Coral Reef Gardening; Les Kaufman
  • Legal Protections for Coral Reefs; Mary Gray Davidson
  • Streamlined Injury Assessment and Restoration Planning in the U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries; Lisa C. Symons, Alice Stratton, and William Goodwin
  • Aesthetic Components of Ecological Restoration; Jessica Tallman
  • International Trends in Injury Assessment and Restoration; Greg E. Challenger
  • Lessons Learned from Experimental Key-Species Restoration; Margaret W. Miller and Alina M. Szmant
  • Cooperative Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Coral Reef Restoration at the Container Ship Houston Grounding in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; George P. Schmahl, Donald Deis, and Sharon Shutler
  • Restoration Outcomes of the Fortuna Reefer Grounding at Mona Island, Puerto Rico; Andrew W. Bruckner and Robin J. Bruckner
  • Review of Coral Reef Restoration and Mitigation in Hawaii and the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands; Paul L. Jokiel, Steven P. Kolinski, John Naughton, and James E. Maragos
  • The Coral Gardening Concept and the Use of Underwater Nurseries: Lessons Learned from Silvics and Silviculture; Baruch Rinkevich
  • Lessons Learned in the Construction and Operation of Coral Reef Microcosms and Mesocosms; Walter H. Adey
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Coral Reef Restoration; Rebecca L. Vidra
  • The Volunteer Movement in Coral Reef Restoration; Robin J. Bruckner
  • Monitoring the Efficacy of Reef Restoration Projects: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go? Cheryl Wapnick and Anne McCarthy
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