Handbook of Photosynthesis, Second Edition

Edited by Mohammad Pessarakli 
CRC Press  March 2005  

Hardback  952  ISBN 9780824758394      £114.00
  • Relates photosynthesis to plant production and crop yields
  • Presents the plant genetic factors affecting photosynthesis
  • Examines mathematical models and response functions of photosynthesis
  • Analyzes the spatial and temporal relationships between respiration and photosynthesis

Quite naturally, photosynthesis has achieved massive amounts of attention in recent years. Aside from being the most spectacular physiological process in plant growth, it is actually the key to our dealing with the potentially cataclysmic accumulation of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere.

Unfortunately, while information is plentiful, all this attention has resulted in a scattered database on photosynthesis, with no contemporary starting point - at least until now.

With the second edition of the Handbook of Photosynthesis, Mohammad Pessarakli once again fills the need for an authoritative and balanced resource by assembling a team of experts from across the globe. Together, they have created a comprehensive reference that in a single volume includes important background information, as well as the most recent research findings on photosynthesis.

Completely Revised with Several New Chapters

The handbook, a completely updated reworking of the critically acclaimed first edition, details all of the photosynthetic factors and processes under both normal and stressful conditions, covering lower and higher plants as well as related biochemistry and plant molecular biology.

Divided into fourteen sections for ease of reference, with nearly 8000 bibliographic citations, the handbook contains authoritative contributions from over 80 scientists. It includes approximately 500 drawings, photographs, tables, and equations- all designed to reinforce and clarify important text material.



Section I: Principles of Photosynthesis

  • Mechanisms of Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution and the Fundamental Hypotheses of Photosynthesis (Yuzeir Zeinalov)
  • Thermoluminescence as a Tool in the study of Photosynthesis (Anil S. Bhagwat and Swapan K. Bhattachrjee)

Section II: Biochemistry of Photosynthesis

  • Chlorophyll Biosynthesis - A review (Benoit Schoefs and Martine Bertrand)
  • Chloroplast Biogenesis 90, Probing the Relationship between Chlorophyll Biosynthetic Routes and the Topography of Chloroplast Biogenesis by Resonance Excitation Energy Transfer Determinations (Constantin A. Rebeiz, Karen J. Kopetz, and Vladimir L. Kolossov, USA)
  • Protochlorophyllide Photoreduction - A review (Martine Bertrand and Benoit Schoefs)
  • Formation and Demolition of Chloroplast during Leaf Ontogeny (Basanti Biswal)
  • Role of Phosphorus in Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism (Anna M. Rychter and I.M. Rao)
  • Inhibition on Inactivation of Higher Plant Chloroplast Electron Transport (Rita Barr and Frederick L. Crane)

Section III: Molecular Aspects of Photosynthesis: Photosystems, Photosynthetic Enzymes and Genes

  • Photosystem I Structures and Functions (Teisuo Hiyama)
  • Covalent Modification of Photosystem II Reaction-Center Polypeptides (Julian P. Whitelegge)
  • Reactive Oxygen Species as Signaling Molecules Controlling Stress Adaptation in Plants (Tsanko Gechev, Ilya Gadjev, Stefan Dukiandjiev, and Ivan Minkov)
  • Plastid Morphogenesis (Ján Hudák, Eliska Galova, and Lenka Zemanova)
  • Plastid Proteases (Dennis E. Buetow)
  • Supramolecular Organization of Water-Soluble Photosynthetic Enzymes Along the Thylakoid Membranes in Chloroplasts (Jayashree K. Sainis and Michael Melzer)
  • Cytochrome C6 Genes in Cyanobacteria and Higher Plants (Kwok Ki Ho)

Section IV: Atmospheric and Environmental Factors Affecting Photosynthesis

  • External and Internal Factors Responsible for Midday Depression of Photosynthesis (Da-Quan Xu and Yun-Kang Shen)
  • Root Oxygen Depravation and the Reduction of Leaf Stomatal Aperture and Gas Exchange Effects on Photosynthesis (R.E. Sojka, H.D. Scott, and D.M. Oosterhuis)
  • Rising Atmospheric CO2 and C4 Photosynthesis (Joseph C.V. Vu)
  • Influence of High Light Intensity on Photosynthesis: Photoinhibition and Energy Dissipation (Robert Carpentier)
  • Development of Functional Thylakoid Membranes: Regulation by Light and Hormones (Peter Nyitrai)

Section V: Photosynthetic Pathways in Various Crop Plants

  • Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation of C3, C4 and CAM Pathways (Anil S. Bhagwat)
  • Photosynthesis in Non-Typical C4 Species (Maria Valeria Lara and Carlos Santiago Andreo)

Section VI: Photosynthesis in Lower and Monocellular Plants

  • Regulation of Phycobilisome Biosynthesis and Degradation in Cyanobacteria (Johannes Geiselmann, Jean Houmard, and Benoit Schoefs)

Section VII: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Regulation of Photosynthesis During Leaf Development (Dan Stessman, Martin Spalding, and Steven Rodermel)
  • Recent Advances in Chloroplast Development in Higher Plants (Ilia D. Denev, Galina T. Yahubian, and Ivan N. Minkov)

Section VIII: Photosynthesis in Different Plant Parts

  • Photosynthesis in Leaf, Stem, Flower, and Fruit (Abdul Wahid, and Ejaz Rasul)

Section IX: Photosynthesis and Plant/Crop Productivity and Photosynthetic Products

  • Photosynthetic Plant Productivity (Lubomir Natr and David W. Lawlor)
  • Photosynthates Formation and Partitioning in Crop Plants (Alberto A. Iglesias and F.E. Podesta)

Section X: Photosynthesis and Plant Genetics

  • Crop Radiation Use Efficiency - Avenue for Genetic Improvement (G.V. Subbarao, O. Ito, and W.L. Berry)
  • Physiological Perspectives on Improving Crop Adaptation to Drought - Justification for a Systemic Compnent-Based Approach (G.V. Subbarao, O. Ito, R. Serraj, J.H. Crouch, S. Tobita, K. Okada, C.T. Hash, R. Ortiz, and W.L. Berry)

Section XI: Photosynthetic Activity Measurements and Analysis of Photosynthetic Pigments

  • Whole-Plant CO2 Exchange as a Non-Invasive Tool for Measuring Growth (Evangelos D. Leonardos, and Bernard Grodzinski)
  • Approaches to Measuring Plant Photosynthetic Activity (Elena Masarovicova and Katarina Kralova)
  • Analysis of Photosynthetic Pigments: An Update (Martine Bertrand, Jose L. Garrido, and Benoit Schoefs)

Section XII: Photosynthesis and Its Relationship with other Plant Physiological Processes

  • Photosynthesis, Respiration, and the Limits to Growth (Bruce N. Smith, Heidi A. Summers, Emily A. Keller, and Tonya Thygerson)
  • Nitrogen Assimilation and Carbon Metabolism (Alberto A. Iglesias, Maria J. Estrella, and Fernando Pieckenstain)
  • Leaf Senescence (Agnieszka Mostowska)

Section XIII: Photosynthesis Under Environmental Stress Conditions

  • Photosynthesis in Plants under Stressful Conditions (Rama Shanker Dubey)
  • Photosynthetic Response of Green Plants to Environmental Stress: Inhibition of Photosynthesis and Adaptational Mechanisms (Basanti Biswal)
  • Salt and Drought Stress Effects on Photosynthesis, Enzyme Cohesion and High Turn Over Metabolite Shuttling, Essential for Functioning of Pathways, Is Impaired by Changes in Cytosolic Water Potential (B, Huchzermeyer and H.W. Koyro)
  • Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism of Crops under Salt Stress (Bruria Heuer)
  • Photosynthesis under Drought Stress (Habib-ur-Rahman Athar and Muhammad Ashraf)
  • Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Stomatal Limitation to Photosynthesis During Water Stress (Jana Pospisilova and Ian C. Dodd)
  • Adverse Effects of UV-B Light on the Structure and Function of the Photosynthetic Apparatus (Imre Vass, Andras Szilard, and Cosmin Sicora)
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Induced Alterations in Photosynthetic Metabolism in Plants (Shruti Mishra and R.S, Dubey)
  • Effects of Heavy Metals on Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes in Higher Plants: Causes and Consequences (Eva Sarvari)

Section XIV: Photosynthesis in the Past, Present, and Future

    The Origin and Evolution of C4 Photosynthesis (Bruce N. Smith)
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