Footprints in the Soil - People and Ideas in Soil History

Edited by Benno Warkentin 
Elsevier  April 2006  

hardback  572  ISBN 9780444521774      £57.00
Of interest to soil scientists, academics, graduate students, researchers and practitioners interested in terrestrial ecosystems and soil geography, ecologists, historians of agriculture and environment.



Section I - Early Understanding of Soils
1. Soil Scientists in Ancient Rome - V. Winiwarter
2. Aztec Knowledge of Soils, Soil Ecology and Management - B. Williams
3. The Heritage of Soil Knowledge Among the World's Cultures - J. Sandor, A. Winkler-Prins, N. Barrera-Bassols, and J.A. Zinck
4. Some Major Scientists Describing Soil Profiles and Developing Soil Investigation Techniques Before 1880 - C. Feller, E. Blanchart, and D. Yaalon
5. Souls and Soils: A Survey of Worldviews - V. Winiwarter and W. Blum

Section II - Soil as a Natural Body
6. The Roots of Dokuchaev's Scientific Contributions: Cadastral Soil Mapping and Agro-Environmental Issues€C. Evtuhov
7. Philosophical Developments in Pedology in the United States: Eugene Hilgard and Milton Whitney - R. Amundson
8. Development of the Soil Cover Pattern and Catena Concepts - A. Gennadiyev and J. Bockheim
9. The History of Soil Geomorphology in the United States - V. Holliday

Section III - Soil Properties and Processes
10. Soils in Ecology and Ecology in Soils - D. Binkley
11. History of Soil Biology - J. Berthelin, U. Babel, and F. Toutain
12. Historical Aspects of Soil Chemistry - D. Sparks
13. The Changing Understanding of Physical Properties of Soils: Water Flow and Soil Architecture - S. Hasegawa and B. Warkentin

Section IV - Soil Uses and Users
14. Soil Erosion and Conservation: An International History and a Cautionary Tale - K. Showers
15. Stewardship and Soil Health - E. Gregorich, G. Sparling and J. Gregorich
16. Soil Nutrient Management for Plant Growth - A. Finck
17. Soils and Environmental Issues - T. Addiscott
18. Ancient Agricultural Terraces and Soils - J. Sandor

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