A Colour Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops

D Blancard 
Manson Publishing  March 2006  

Hardcover  376 pp  ISBN 9781840760507      £100.00
Following the worldwide success of Dr Blancard's volumes on Tomato Diseases and Cucurbit Diseases, the author and his colleagues have produced a further indispensable tool for the diagnosis, understanding and control of parasitic and non-parasitic diseases of lettuce, chicory and endive. Section One (some 200 pages) contains practical analytical text and over 500 superb colour photos and colour diagrams, and includes systematic cross-referencing between similar-looking conditions, to help lead the reader to the correct diagnosis. Section Two (some 140 pages) consists of Factfiles describing the pathogenic organisms that affect the crops, their biological characteristics and appropriate methods of protection and control. This is an important and lasting resource for growers and crop consultants, for scientists, instructors and students in agriculture, agronomy, biology, horticulture, mycology and plant pathology, and for serious gardeners.



Part 1 - Diagnosing parasitic and non-parasitic diseases affecting Lettuce

  • Location of symptoms within the crop and on diseased plants
  • Abnormalities and damage on leaves and head
  • Damage and abnormalities on leaves in contact with the soil and/or underground organs.

Part 2 - Main features of pathogenic agents, methods of protection

  • Fungi, Bacteria, Phytoplasma, Viruses, Nemotodes
  • Summary of methods for controlling Lettuce bio-aggressors in nurseries and crops.

Appendix: Information about Lettuce and its resistance to pathogenic agents, Lettuce and similar species, Types of Endive

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