Solid/Liquid Separation - Scale-up of Industrial Equipment

Stephen Tarleton and Richard J Wakeman 
Elsevier  December 2005  

Hardback  454 pp  ISBN 9781856174206      £175.00
  • Provides guidance on how to tackle practical solid/liquid separation problems in an industrial setting
  • Shows how to plan, conduct and interpret experiments
  • Details test procedures, types of tests and how to interpret results when assessing a new application
  • Strong emphasis on current industrial practice
  • Provides a practical account which will help lead to the best use of appropriate equipment yielding optimal results

This book identifies test procedures used within sectors of the solid/liquid separation equipment industry, providing practical explanations for test data and their uses when faced with a new application to assess. With a strong practical emphasis, this book is ideal for use as a reference text for engineers concerned with applications evaluation of equipment or its scale-up.

This book forms part of a five-volume set on all aspects of filtration and separation processes. Another volume currently available from the set is: Solid/ Fluid Separation Processes: Principles of Industrial Filtration

Readership: Plant and process engineers, project design and equipment engineers, contractors, consultants, operations managers, chemical engineers.

  • Chemical Pretreatment (M. Pearse & D. Lilley)
  • Deep Bed Filters (N. Graham & C. Fitzpatrick
  • Cartridge Filters (T. Towler)
  • Batch (Pressure) Filters (I. Townsend & J. Palmer)
  • Continuous (Vacuum) Filters (A. Walker)
  • Sedimenting Centrifuges (W. Leung)
  • Filtering Centrifuges (C. Grimwood)
  • Micro- and Ultra- Filters (T. Lilley).
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