Managing Diseases in Greenhouse Crops

William R. Jarvis 
APS Press  1992  

Hardcover  288 pages, 27 colour photographs  ISBN 9780890541227      £85.00
This hardcover book explains holistic disease control through management of your structure, equipment, environment and procedures. The contents are as follows:


Part 1: Greenhouse Production Systems: The Pathologist's View: Greenhouse Structures and Equipment, Sitting and Form, Greenhouse Structures, Covering Materials, Heating and Cooling Systems, Air Circulation and Ventilation, Growing Systems, Soil Groundbed, Peat Bags, Rock Wool and Other Inert Substrates, Nutrient Film Technique, Benches and Containers, Crop Spacing and Training Systems, The Greenhouse Environment and Crop Protection, Algorithms for Productivity, Algorithms for Disease Escape, Temperature, Humidity and Vapour Pressure Deficit, Practical Control of the Environment, Environmental Stress and Predisposition to Disease, Temperature Stress, Water Stress, Osmotic Stress, Fertilizers and pH, Soil Compaction and Oxygen Stress, Low-Light Stress and the Partition of Assimilates, Diseases in Hydroponic Systems

Part 2: Strategy for Disease Control: Eliminating Inoculum, Sterilizing Media, Disease-Free Planting Materials, Pesticides, Limiting Disease Spread, Limiting Inoculum Production, Limiting Inoculum Dispersal, Controlling Pathogen Vectors, Limiting Pathogen Survival, Greenhouse Hygiene, Disease Escape, Manipulating the Environment to Prevent Infection, Plant Spacing and Habit, Cultural Operations, Fertilizers, pH, and Salinity, Quiescent Infections, Resistant Germ Plasm, Biological Control, Allelopathy, Antibiosis, Competitive Saprophytic Ability, Composts and Other Soil Amendments, Cross Protection, Induced Resistance, and Passive Exclusion, Hyperparasitism, Hypovirulence, Suppressive, Soils, Delivery Systems, Integrated Disease Management

Colour plates

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