Fuel Cells Compendium

Edited by Nigel Brandon and David Thompsett 
Elsevier  November 2005  

Hardback  632 pages  ISBN 9780080446967      £100.00
  • Provides a comprehensive selection of reviews and other industrially focused material on fuel cells research
  • Broadly scoped to encompass many disciplines, from science to engineering, to applications and policy
  • In-depth coverage of the two major types of fuel cells: ceramic (solid oxide) and polymeric (proton exchange membranes)

Fuel cells continue to be heralded as the energy source of the future and every year an immense amount of research time and money is devoted to making them more economically and technicallly viable.

This compendium gices an up-to-date review of the literature and commentary surrounding fuel cells research.

For researchers, scientists and students interested in fuel cells; particulary anyone looking for an overview of all the most influential research over the past year.

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