Human Ecology - Biocultural Adaptations in Human Communities

H Schutkowski 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XIII, 305 p. 36 illus.  ISBN 9783540260851      £144.00
The human condition is composed of culturally mediated biology, and this inherently dual nature is key to our understanding of human/environment interaction. Human Ecology provides a fresh view on the interrelationship between cultural strategies and their biological outcomes. It combines for the first time an ecosystems approach with cultural anthropological, archaeological and evolutionary behavioural concepts. Taking resource use and food procurement behaviour as the starting point, the volume examines major subsistence modes, the circumstances and dynamics of large-scale subsistence change, the effect of social differentiation on resource use and the effects of subsistence behaviour on population development and regulation. It is complemented by a brief history on human ecological thought and a discussion of pertinent theoretical issues. Numerous examples from all time periods illustrate the topics and emphasise the universal nature of the interpretive framework.

Written for: Researchers and advanced students


  • 1 History, Concepts and Prospects
  • 2 Subsistence Modes
  • 3 Subsistence Change
  • 4 Resources and Social Organisation
  • 5 Population Development and Regulation
  • 6 Synthesis - Towards a Biocultural Human Ecology
  • References
  • Subject Index

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