Environmental Risk Assessment - Quantitative Measures, Anthropogenic Influences, Human Impact

Ian Lerche and Walter Glaesser 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover   XII, 343 p. 125 illus  ISBN 9783540262497      £103.00
This book deals with environmental and human risk problems caused by contamination from the perspective of real world applications with quantitative procedures. It includes risk methods for the discussion of environmental problems where data are sparse or fuzzy, as well as incorporating political, social and economic considerations in determining directions of remediation solutions for environmental contaminant problems. Furthermore, it highlights the impact of contaminants on human health, in some cases ultimately leading to death, as well as the anthropogenic exacerbation of natural processes.


  • Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Problems.
  • Restoration of lignite minings sites in the former GDR.
  • Carbon Dioxide Development and the Influence of Rising Groundwater in the Cospuden/Zwenkau.
  • Environmental and Economic Risks from Sinkholes in West-Central Florida.
  • Risks of Damage from Flooding Rivers.
  • Biological Remediation of Environmentally Contaminated Water.
  • Heavy Metal Contamination Removal by Bacterial Activity in Sleeping Depositories.
  • Quantitative Risks of Death and Sickness from Toxic Contamination.
  • Quantitative Risks of Death and Sickness from Toxic Contamination.
  • Methods for Estimating Associated Risks of Sinkhole Occurrence with data from the Ruhr Valley Region of Germany.- Environmental Concerns.
  • Integrated Scientific and Economic Uncertainties in Environmental Hazard Assessments.

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