Branching Morphogenesis

Edited by Jamie Davies 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  246 p. 110 illus., 7 in colour.  ISBN 9780387256153      £117.00
Branching morphogenesis, the creation of branched structures in the body, is a key feature of animal and plant development. This book brings together, for the first time, expert researchers working on a variety of branching systems to present a state-of-the-art view of the mechanisms that control branching morphogenesis. Systems considered range from single cells, to blood vessel and drainage duct systems to entire body plans, and approaches range from observation through experiment to detailed biophysical modelling. The result is an integrated overview of branching.

Written for: Developmental biologists, physiologists, systems biologists and tissue engineers, researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students in the fields of mycology, botany, branching morphogenesis and in the development plants, fungi and mammalian blood systems and organs.


  • Why a Book on Branching, and Why Now?
  • Branching Morphogenesis in Vertebrate Neurons.
  • Branching of Single Cells in Arabidopsis.
  • Branching in Fungal Hyphae and Fungal Tissues: Growing Mycelia in a Desktop Computer.
  • Branching in Colonial Hydroids
  • How is the Branching of Animal Blood Vessels Implemented?
  • Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in Mammary Gland Branching Morphogenesis and Breast Cancer: T he Double-Edged Sword.
  • Branching Morphogenesis in Mammalian Kidneys.
  • Embryonic Salivary Gland Branching Morphogenesis.
  • Branching Morphogenesis of the Prostate.
  • Uterine Glands.
  • Physical Mechanisms of Branching Morphogenesis in Animals:From Viscous Fingering to Cartilage Rings.
  • Afterword


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