Yeasts in Food and Beverages

Edited by Querol, Amparo; Fleet, Graham H. 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  VIII, 453 p. 52 illus., 2 in colour  ISBN 9783540283881      £269.00
Yeasts play a key role in the production of many foods and beverages. This role now extends beyond their widely recognized contributions to the production of alcoholic beverages and bread to include the production of many food ingredients and additives, novel uses as probiotic and biocontrol agents, their significant role as spoilage organisms, and their potential impact on food safety. Drawing upon the expertise of leading yeast researchers, this book provides a comprehensive account of the ecology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genomics of the diverse range of yeast species associated with the production of foods and beverages.

Written for: Institutes, libraries, scientists, researchers


  • The Commercial and Community Significance of Yeasts in Food and Beverage Production, Graham H. Fleet .
  • Taxonomic and Ecological Diversity of Food and Beverage Yeasts, Patrizia Romano, Angela Capece and Lene Jespersen
  • Molecular Methods to Identify and Characterize Yeasts in Foods and Beverages, M.T. Fernández-Espinar, P. Martorell, R. de Llanos and Amparo Querol
  • Yeast Ecological Interactions. Yeast-Yeast, Yeast-Bacteria, Yeast-Fungi Interactions and Yeasts as Biocontrol Agents, Bennie C. Viljoen .
  • Physiological and Molecular Responses of Yeasts to the Environment, Graeme M. Walker and Patrick Van Dijck .
  • Molecular Mechanisms Involved in the Adaptive Evolution of Industrial Yeasts, Eladio Barrio, Sara S. González, Armando Arias, Carmela Belloch and Amparo Querol .
  • Principles and Applications of Genomics and Proteomics in the Analysis of Industrial Yeast Strains, Ursula Bond and Anders Blomberg .
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism, J. Richard Dickinson and Arthur L. Kruckeberg
  • Yeasts as Biocatalysts, Pierre Strehaiano, Felipe Ramon-Portugal and Patricia Taillandier
  • Production of Antioxidants, Aromas, Colours, Flavours, and Vitamins by Yeasts, Charles A. Abbas
  • Food and Beverage Spoilage Yeasts, Malcolm Stratford
  • The Public Health and Probiotic Significance of Yeasts in Foods and Beverages, Graham H. Fleet and Roostita Balia .
  • The Development of Superior Yeast Strains for the Food and Beverage Industries: Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Benefits, Kevin J. Verstrepen, Paul J. Chambers and Isak S. Pretorius


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