Acoustics of Wood - second edition

Voichita Bucur 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XVIII, 400 p. 202 illus.  ISBN 9783540261230      £247.00
The book 'Acoustics of Wood' is devoted to those aspects related to the development of acoustic methods as an effective means for examining physical properties of wood through an interdisciplinary approach. The main parts of the book are: environmental acoustics, material characterization and quality assessment.

In the first part of the book a discussion of the physical phenomena associated with the propagation of acoustic waves in forests is presented. The behavior of wood and wood-based composites as materials used in architectural acoustics is also discussed. The second part was written in response to practical considerations about wood uses. This part provides an introductory understanding of basic aspects related to the theory of waves propagation in anisotropic solids, experimental methods for acoustics and mechanic characterization of wood, examination of wood anisotropy using ultrasonic parameters. In the third part wood quality assessment is discussed. Wood used for musical instruments has the most remarkable quality, with unique acoustic properties. In contrast with wood for musical instruments, free of defects, in common wood the defects are always present. Ultrasonic velocity method, acoustic emission method, acousto-ultrasonic techniques are used for the detection of defects in standing trees, solid wood and wood-based composites. High-energy ultrasonic treatment for wood processing such as drying, defibering, cutting and plasticizing are described in the last chapter.


  • Introduction
  • Acoustics of Forests and Acoustic Quality Control of Some Forest Products.
  • Wood and Wood-Based Materials in Architectural Acoustics.
  • Theory of and Experimental Methods for the Acoustic Characterization of Wood.
  • Elastic Constants of Wood Material
  • Wood Structural Anisotropy and Ultrasonic Parameters.
  • Wood Species for Musical Instruments.
  • Acoustic Methods as a Nondestructive Tool for Wood Quality Assessment.
  • Environmental Modifiers of Wood Structural Parameters Detected with Ultrasonic Waves.
  • Acoustic Emission.
  • Acousto-Ultrasonics
  • High-Power Ultrasonic Treatment for Wood Processing
  • References.

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