Geology and Ecosystems

Edited by Zektser, I.S.; Marker, B.; Ridgway, J.; Rogachevskaya, L.; Vartanyan, G. 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XXI, 392 p.,  ISBN 9780387292922      £112.00
This book is the result of an international working group entitled 'Geology and Ecosystems' that was organized by the IUGS commission on Geological Sciences for Environmental Planning (COGEOENVIRONMENT).

The aim of the working group is to increase awareness and build methodological principles of ecological geology as a new branch of science. This book includes the analysis of the relationship between the different geological, hydrochemical, hydrogeological, and engineering-geological processes and the processes within surface ecosystems. Modern engineering activity associated with the mining of minerals, excessive groundwater withdrawal, disposal of industrial and domestic liquid wastes (including radioactive wastes) and their impacts on all components of the environment are analyzed, as is the "water factor" impact on ecosystems. It is intended as a professional update for all scientists and professionals with an interest in the Earth's environments and environmental protection.

Written for: Ecologists, geoscientists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, environmental health care professionals, students


Part I. Geological Environment as a Basement for the Formation of Ecosystems:

  • The Contemporary Conceptions on the Geological Environment: Basic Features, Structure and System of Links.
  • The Geological Environment and Ecosystems.
  • The Influence of Modern Geological Processes on The Evolution of Ecosystems
  • Geological and Geochemical Influences on Estuarine Ecosystems.
  • The Role Of Tectonic Processes in The Interaction Between Geology and Ecosystems
Part II. Environmental Impacts of The Extractive Industries: Karst and Ecosystems.
  • Environmental Aspects of The Exploitation of Mineral Resources.
  • Groundwater as a Component of The Environment.
  • Groundwater use and Public Health.
Part III. Anthropogenic Development, Geology and Ecosystems
  • Ways of Groundwater Pollution Risk Estimation for Ecosystems Sustainability.
  • Urbanisation and The Geoenvironment.
  • Assessment of The Discharged Waters Effect Upon Ecosystems.
  • The Impact of Technogenic Catastrophes on Ecogeological Processes.
  • Exogenic Geological Processes as A Landforms Shaping Factor.
Part IV. Medical Problems Related to Geology and Ecosystem Interaction
  • Environmental Aspects Of Groundwater Pollution Human Health and Ecosystems.
Part V. Prediction of The Geoenvironmental Evolution of Ecosystems
  • Medical Ecological Significance of The Water Factor
  • Prediction of Exogenic Geological Processes.
  • Prediction of Endogenic Geological Processes.
  • Mathematical Models of The Interaction Between The Geological and Ecological Environment.
Part VI. Newest Ecogeological Processes Within River Basins
  • The Influence of Climate Change on Geology and Ecosystem Interaction.
  • Ecosystems Monitoring Under Desertification Within Interior See-Lakes And Deltas
Part VII. Main Directions For Ecogeological Studies:
  • Ecosystems Forming on The Fresh River Deposition.
  • Ecogeological Mapping.
  • Monitoring Geological Processes As Part of General Environmental Monitoring.
  • Geology And High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal
  • A Brief Overview.- Monitoring Endogenic Geological Processes.
  • Permafrost Monitoring
  • Ecological Education of Geology Students.

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