Mycorrhizae and Plant Health

Edited by F L Pfleger and R G Linderman 
APS Press  1994  

Softcover  360 pages  ISBN 9780890541586      £50.00
This book emphasizes the key role mycorrhizae play in sustainable systems of agricultural and forest production. Includes a discussion of ectomycorrhizae that occur on several major families of trees being managed for wood products. The contents are as follows:



Role of Mycorrhizae in Biocontrol

  • Role of VAM Fungi in Biocontrol
  • Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Biocontrol

Role of Mycorrhizae in Reclamation

  • Role of VAM Fungi in Mine Land Revegetation
  • Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Minesite Reclamation

Effects of Cultural Practices and Pesticides on Mycorrhizae

  • The Effects of Cultural Practices and Pesticides on VAM Fungi
  • Effects of Nursery Cultural Practices on Management of Specific Ectomycorrhizae on Bareroot Tree Seedlings

Mycorrhizae and Atmospheric Pollution

  • Air Pollution and Ecosystem Health: The Mycorrhizal Connection

Effects of Mycorrhizae on Biogeochemistry and Soil Structure

  • Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and Biogeochemical Cycling
  • Effects of Ectomycorrhizae on Biogeochemistry and Soil Structure

Current Status of Field Application of Mycorrhizal Fungi

  • Involvement of Cropping Systems, Plant Produced Compounds and Inoculum Production in the Functioning of VAM Fungi
  • Current Status of Outplanting Studies using Ectomycorrhiza-inoculated Forest Trees

VAM Fungal Systematics

  • Systematics of Glomalean Endomycorrhizal Fungi: Current Views and Future Directions

Genetic Variability in Mycorrhiza Formation and Function Molecular and Genetic Approaches to Understanding

  • Variability in Mycorrhizal Formation and Functioning

General Summary

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