Testing Methods for Seed-Transmitted Viruses: Principles and Protocols

S E Albrechtsen 
CABI  January 2006  

Paperback  288 pp  ISBN 9780851990163      £65.00
This practical guide covers the commonly used detection methods for seed-transmitted viruses and viroids that affect both tropical and temperate crops. It contains 25 complete step-by-step procedures for biological, serological and molecular techniques to detect and identify such viruses. Combining helpful practical notes with more detailed explanations of the principles behind the techniques, the book describes the general characteristics of seed-transmitted viral diseases and discusses outlines for the organization and interpretation of seed health assays. The techniques reviewed are also applicable to non-seed-transmitted viral agents.

Readership: Students and researchers in seed science and technology, and plant pathology.



  • Introduction
  • Seed transmission of viruses
  • Ecology, epidemiology and control
  • Biological assays
  • Serological testing methods
  • Nucleic acid-based testing methods
  • Nucleic acid hybridization
  • Epilogue
Appendix 1. List of seed-transmitted viruses and viroids
Appendix 2. Reagents, solutions and buffers
Appendix 3. Suppliers of laboratory equipment and materials

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