Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy

Edited by E Abebe, W Traunspurger and I Andrassy 
CABI  January 2006  

Hardback  752 pages  ISBN 9780851990095      £145.00
Drawing together the work of 25 nematologists from 12 countries, this book examines the taxonomy and ecology of freshwater nematodes. The ecology section explores their distribution, diversity, abundance, biomass, and their relation to their physico-chemical and biological environment. The second section gives a taxonomic account of freshwater nematodes with pictorial keys at the genus level and a complete list of species within each genus. The book also summarizes previous work in the area and indicates avenues for future research. Overall, it provides a unique synthesis of a subject that has previously been poorly documented, and it should remain a standard reference work for many years.

Readership: Students and researchers in nematology, freshwater ecology, invertebrate zoology and limnology.


Part 1: Ecology

  • Introduction: summary of present knowledge and research addressing the ecology and taxonomy of freshwater nematodes, P De Ley, University of California, USA, W Decraemer, Ghent University, Belgium, and Eyualem-Abebe
  • Techniques for processing freshwater nematodes, M Hodda, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Australia, and Eyualem-Abebe
  • Composition and distribution of free-living aquatic nematodes: global and local perspectives, W Traunspurger and I C Michiels, University of Bielefield, Germany, and Eyualem-Abebe
  • Dynamics of limno-nematodes: abundance, biomass and diversity, Eyualem-Abebe, W Traunspurger, and I C Michiels
  • Production of freshwater nematodes, M Bergtold, University of Bielefield, Germany, and W Traunspurger
  • Feeding ecology of free-living benthic nematodes, T Moens, Ghent University, Belgium, M Bergtold, and W Traunspurger
  • Patterns in the size structure of freshwater nematode communities: the cases of Lakes Königssee and Brunnsee, Germany, W Traunspurger and M Bergtold
  • Freshwater nematodes in environmental science, S Hoes, W Traunspurger, and A Zullini, Universita di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  • Nematodes in lotic systems, M Hodda
  • Nematodes from extreme freshwater habitats, M Hodda, A Ocaña, University of Granada, Spain, and W Traunspurger
  • Computation and application of nematode community indices: general guidelines, D A Neher and B J Darby, University of Vermont, USA
Part II: Taxonomy
  • Order Enoplida, N Smol and A Coomans, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Order Triplonchida, A Zullini
  • Dorylaimida I: Superfamilies Belondiroidea, Nygolaimoidea, and Tylencholaimoidea, R Peña-Santiago, Universidad de Jaen, Spain
  • Dorylaimida Part II: superfamily Dorylaimoidea, M T Vinciguerra, Universita di Catania, Italy
  • Order Mononchida, A Zullini and V Peneva, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgaria
  • Orders Chromadorida, Desmodorida and Desmoscolecida, W Decraemer and N Smol
  • Order Monhysterida, A Coomans and Eyualem-Abebe
  • Order Araeolaimida, A Muthumbi, University of Nairobi, Kenya and A Vanreusel, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Order Plectida, O Holovachov, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine and P De Ley
  • Order Rhabditida: Suborder Tylenchina, W Bert and G Borgonie, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Order Rhabditida: Suborder Rhabditina, J Abolafia, Universidad de Jaen, Spain

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