Characteristics of the Successful 21st Century Information Professional

Dennie Heye 
Chandos  February 2006  

Paperback  200 pp  ISBN 9781843341451      £40.00

Hardcover  200 pp  ISBN 9781843341970      £60.00
This book is intended for professional Library and Information Services (LIS) staff and LIS students who want to be more successful as information professionals. The LIS profession is one of the most challenging in the 21st century, combining expertise in information management with information technology skills and knowledge of marketing. The author has written a practical and concise book on the key characteristics, with practical tips and techniques. Readers will find this book to be a guide to the diverse characteristics of the information professional, helping readers to achieve greater success in their jobs and careers.

Key Features

  • Written by an enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable author
  • Based on the practical, day-to-day experience of the author
  • Provides a good overview of the key LIS profession characteristics plus techniques and tips to improve them
  • Can be read as a whole or as selected chapters. Each chapter is focused on one characteristic with an introduction, techniques and tips and a conclusion
Readership: All LIS staff who would want to be more successful in their jobs and careers, plus LIS students who want to get a good overview of the characteristics of a successful LIS professional.


Each chapter contains a characteristic of the successful information professional; each has an introduction, techniques on how to improve them and a conclusion. Examples of characteristics include:

  • Become an Internet search engine expert
  • How to market yourself as an information professional
  • How to use persuasion
  • Learning to say no and focus on what is important
  • Effective time management
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