Plant Endocytosis

Edited by Jozef Samaj, Frantisek Baluska and Diedrik Menzel 
Springer  October 2005  

Hardcover  X, 314 p. 39 illus., 5 in colour  ISBN 9783540281979      £157.00
This is volume one in a new series Plant Cell Monographs

Endocytosis is a fundamental biological process, which is conserved among all eukaryotes. It is essential not only for many physiological and signalling processes but also for interactions between eukaryotic cells and pathogens or symbionts. This book covers all aspects of endocytosis in both lower and higher plants, including basic types of endocytosis, endocytic compartments, and molecules involved in endocytic internalization and recycling in diverse plant cell types. It provides a comparison with endocytosis in animals and yeast and discusses future prospects in this new and rapidly evolving plant research field. Readers will find an overview of the state-of-the-art methods and techniques applied in plant endocytosis research.


  • Methods and Molecular Tools for Studying Endocytosis in Plants an Overview.
  • Endocytic Uptake of Nutrients, Cell Wall Molecules and Fluidized Cell Wall Portions into Heterotrophic Plant Cells.-Plant Prevacuolar Compartments and Endocytosis.
  • Plant Vacuoles: from Biogenesis to Function.
  • Molecular Dissection of the Clathrin-Endocytosis Machinery in Plants.
  • Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis in Plants.
  • Sterol Endocytosis and Trafficking in Plant Cells.
  • Auxin Transport and Recycling of PIN Proteins in Plants.
  • MDR/PGP Auxin Transport Proteins and Endocytic Cycling.
  • Rab GTPases in Plant Endocytosis.
  • SNAREs in Plant Endocytosis and the Post-Golgi Traffic.
  • Dynamin-Related Proteins in Plant Endocytosis.
  • Endocytosis and Actomyosin Cytoskeleton.
  • Endocytosis and Endosymbiosis.
  • Endocytosis in Guard Cells.
  • Endocytosis and Membrane Recycling in Pollen Tubes.
  • Tip Growth and Endocytosis in Fungi
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