Diseases of Legumes - Digital Image Collection

APS Press  2000  

CD-ROM - personal use  750 full colour images  ISBN 9780890542651 P      £78.00

CD-ROM - library use  ISBN 9780890542651 L      £230.00

System requirements: PC with Win95, Win98 or NT. 640 x 480 SVGA capable of 64k colours

Note: This product is covered by a LICENSE AGREEMENT with The American Phytopathological Society.

This is one of the Digital Image Collections CD-ROM Series in which images from various APS PRESS publications are compiled on a multi-purpose CD-ROM. This one consists of a compilation of over 750 colour images of Alfalfa, Bean, Pea, Peanut, and Soybean. This versatile CD-ROM will serve as disease diagnostic and teaching tool and includes images of infectious diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas, nematodes, and non-infectious diseases caused by physiological disorders, nutrient deficiencies, herbicide injuries, and more. The authorities for scientific names of all fungal and bacterial pathogens are included. Search for images by host plant, pathogen, disease name, and a number of key words. Use the slide show feature to develop personalized slide show presentations for lectures, seminars, and exhibits. Disease images may be magnified, printed, and exported for use in presentations. As an educator, use these CD-ROMs to:

  • create a strong visual impact in projects and presentations.
  • develop personalized slide shows for lectures, seminars, and exhibits.
  • teach and make study guides and reference material that will appeal to today’s visually oriented student.
  • teach students to identify and diagnose diseases in the field to make more accurate control recommendations.

As a trainer, use these CD-ROMs to improve productivity among staff by giving them a visual, diagnostic reference.

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