Mammalian and Avian Transgenesis - New Approaches

Edited by Shirley Pease and Carlos Lois 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XX, 281 p. 48 illus. 12 in colour.,  ISBN 9783540284154      £175.00
Mammalian and Avian Transgenesis presents a collection of novel methods for the production of a wide range of transgenic animals. The manual focuses largely on mice, but also contains protocols for successful transgenesis in rats, cows, pigs and birds.

The manual provides detailed, step-by-step protocols covering all aspects of the production of transgenic animals, including the use of lentiviral vectors in gene transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, nuclear transfer, large insert transgenesis, conditional gene expression systems, the use of reporter genes in transgenesis and transgenesis in large animals and birds. The text is supplemented by superb color photos. While the focus is on newly established techniques, the fundamental methods of transgenesis are also covered for those new to the field. Thus this manual is perfectly suited for those wishing to adopt new technologies in transgenesis.

Written for researchers in science and industry, advanced students


  • 1 Generation of Transgenic Animals Using Lentiviral Vectors, Carlos Lois
  • 2 IntracytoplasmicSpermInjection(ICSI)intheMouse, Ming-Wen Li, K.C. Kent Lloyd
  • 3 Generation of Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell-Derived Embryos andMice by Tetraploid-Embryo Complementation, Kevin Eggan, Rudolf Jaenisch
  • 4 Cloning The LaboratoryMouse by Nuclear Transfer, Kevin Eggan, Rudolf Jaenisch
  • 5 Large Insert Transgenesis, Shiaoching Gong, Nat Heintz
  • 6 Regional and Temporal Control of GeneticManipulation in theMouse, Mansuo L. Hayashi, Shigemi Hayashi
  • 7 High Resolution Gene Expression Analysis Using Reporter Genes, Niels C. Adams, Nicholas W. Gale
  • 8 Nuclear Transfer in the Cow, William A. Ritchie
  • 9 Production of Transgenic Pigs by DNA Microinjection, Robert M. Petters, Rebecca L. Krisher
  • 10 Production of Transgenic Birds Using Lentiviral Vectors, Benjamin B. Scott, Carlos Lois
  • 11 Ancillary Techniques, Shirley Pease
  • Subject Index
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