Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts

Edited by Carlos Rosa and Gábor Péter 
Springer  January 2006  

Hardcover  X, 580 p. 40 illus.  ISBN 9783540261001      £299.00

Part of the series: The Yeast Handbook

In the last few decades more and more yeast habitats that were not investigated earlier, spanning cold climates to tropical regions and dry deserts to rainforests, have been explored. As a result, a large body of ecological data has been accumulated and the number of known yeast species has increased rapidly. This book provides an overview of the biodiversity of yeasts in different habitats. The recent advances achieved by the application of molecular biological methods in the field of yeast taxonomy and ecology are also incorporated in the book. Wherever possible, the interaction between yeasts and the surrounding environment is discussed.

1 Yeast Biodiversity: How Many and How Much?, Marc-André Lachance
2 Yeast Systematics and Phylogeny € Implications of Molecular Identification Methods for Studies in Ecology, Cletus P. Kurtzman and Jack W. Fell
3 Yeast Biodiversity and Culture Collections, Vincent Robert, Joost Stalpers, Teun Boekhout and Shu-hui Tan
4 Genomics and Biodiversity in Yeasts, M. Bolotin-Fukuhara
5 Methods for Investigating Yeast Biodiversity, K. Boundy-Mills
6 Sugar Metabolism in Yeasts: an Overview of Aerobic and Anaerobic Glucose Catabolism, Fernando Rodrigues, Paula Ludovico and Cecília Leao
7 Diversity of Nitrogen Metabolism Among Yeast Species: Regulatory and Evolutionary Aspects, Francine Messenguy, Bruno André and Evelyne Dubois
8 Environmental Factors Influencing Yeasts, Tibor Deak
9 Yeast Responses to Stresses, An Tanghe, Bernard Prior and Johan M. Thevelein
10 Antagonistic Interactions Among Yeasts, W.I. Golubev
11 Yeasts in Soil, Alfred Botha
12 Yeast Biodiversity in Freshwater, Marine and Deep-Sea Environments, Takahiko Nagahama
13 Phylloplane Yeasts, A. Fonseca and J. Inácio
14 Yeast and Invertebrate Associations, Philip F. Ganter
15 Yeasts in Extreme Environments, Peter Raspor and Jure Zupan
16 Yeast Biodiversity in the Antarctic, Helen S. Vishniac
17 Yeast Biodiversity in Tropical Forests of Asia, Takashi Nakase, Sasitorn Jindamorakot, Somjit Am-in, Wanchern Potacharoen and Morakot Tanticharoen
18 Yeast Communities in Tropical Rain Forests in Brazil and other South American Ecosystems, Paula B. Morais, Fernando C. Pagnocca and Carlos A. Rosa
19 The Biogeographic Diversity of Cactophilic Yeasts, William T. Starmer, Virginia Aberdeen and Marc-André Lachance
20 Black Yeasts and Meristematic Fungi: Ecology, Diversity and Identification, Katja Sterflinger
21 Yeasts as Indicators of Environmental Quality, Allen N. Hagler
22 Yeast Biodiversity and Biotechnology, Pietro Buzzini and Ann Vaughan-Martini
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