Polysaccharides I - Structure, Characterisation and Use

Edited by Thomas T Heinze 
Springer  2005  

Hardback  281 pp  ISBN 9783540261124      £154.00
Volume 186 in the series Polymer Science.


  • A. Ebringerova, Z. Hromadkova, T. Heinze: Hemicellulose.
  • B.S. Paulsen, H. Barsett: Bioactive Pectic Polysaccharides.
  • O.A. El Seoud, T. Heinze: Organic Esters of Cellulose: New Perspectives for Old Polymers.
  • R.A.A. Muzzarelli, C. Muzzarelli: Chitosan Chemistry: Relevance to the Biomedical Sciences.
  • S.E. Harding: Analysis of Polysaccharides by Ultracentrifugation: Size, Conformation and Interactions in Solution.
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