Handbook of Food Processing Equipment

Saravacos, George D., Kostaropoulos, Athanasios E. 
Springer  2002  

Hardback  710 pp  ISBN 9780306472763      £188.00
This book covers the design, selection, and operation of industrial equipment, used in the processing, storage and packaging of foods. Equipment design is based on the principles of transport phenomena and unit operations of Process Engineering, and the physical and transport properties of foods. Food quality and food safety aspects, related to food processing equipment, are emphasized. Food processing equipment is classified and described according to the basic unit operations, including mechanical transport, mechanical processing and separations, heat transfer operations, evaporation, dehydration, thermal processing, refrigeration/freezing, and mass transfer. Special equipment used in food packaging and novel food processing is also described. Typical numerical examples illustrate the sizing and selection of some important food processing equipment. Selected equipment suppliers are also listed.

This book will be of interest to researchers, scientists, food engineers, and food technologists


  • Preface.
  • 1. Design of Food Processes and Food Processing Plants.
  • 2. Design and Selection of Food Processing Equipment.
  • 3. Mechanical Transport and Storage Equipment.
  • 4. Mechanical Processing Equipment.
  • 5. Mechanical Separation Equipment.
  • 6. Heat Transfer Equipment.
  • 7. Food Evaporation Equipment.
  • 8. Food Dehydration Equipment.
  • 9. Refrigeration and Freezing Equipment.
  • 10. Thermal Processing Equipment.
  • 11. Mass Transfer Equipment.
  • 12. Equipment for Novel Food Processes.
  • 13. Food Packaging Equipment.
  • Appendix A: Notation and Conversion of Units.
  • Appendix B: Selected Thermophysical Properties.
  • Appendix C: Control of Food Processing Equipment.
  • Appendix D: Food Plant Utilities.
  • Appendix E: Manufacturers and Suppliers of Food Equipment.
  • List of Sources. Index.
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