The Biology of Apples and Pears

John E. Jackson 
CUP  June 2003  

Hardback  500 pages  ISBN 9780521380188      £130.00

Paperback  500 pages  ISBN 9780521021050      £54.00
Biology of Apples and Pears is a comprehensive reference book on all aspects of pomology at the organ, tree and orchard level. It provides detailed information on propagation, root and shoot growth, root stock effects, canopy development in relation to orchard design, flowering, pollination, fruit set, fruit growth, fruit quality factors and quality retention in store. It also deals with mineral nutrition, water-relations and irrigation, diseases and pests and biotechnology.

The book emphasises the scientific basis of modern tree and orchard management and fruit storage. It describes key cultivar differences and their physiology and genetics and environmental effects and cultivar x environment interactions in tropical and sub-tropical as well as temperate zone conditions. It is written for fruit growers, extension workers, plant breeders, biotechnologists and storage and crop protection specialists as well as for researchers and students of pomology and horticulture.

  • Comprehensive reference book on all aspects of the biology of apples and pears
  • Describes the production of fruit with regard to key commercial factors
  • Compares the biology of apples and pears under warm-winter as well as temperate zone conditions
  • Introduction;
  • 1. The growing of apples and pears;
  • 2. Apples and pears and their relatives;
  • 3. Apple and pear root systems: induction, development, structure and function;
  • 4. The graft union, grafting and budding;
  • 5. Mechanisms of rootstock and interstock effects on scion vigour;
  • 6. The shoot system;
  • 7. Leaves, canopies and light interception;
  • 8. Photosynthesis, respiration, and carbohydrate transport partitioning and storage;
  • 9. Flowers and fruits;
  • 10. Eating quality and its retention;
  • 11. Mineral nutrition;
  • 12. Water relations;
  • 13. Diseases, pests and resistance to these;
  • 14. Biotechnology of apples and pears;
  • Index.
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