Sustainable Forestry Handbook - (2nd Edition)

Sophie Higman, James Mayers, Stephen Bass, Neil Judd and Ruth Nussbaum 
Earthscan  February 2005  

Hardback  188 pp  ISBN 9781844071180      £65.00
The Sustainable Forestry Handbook is widely considered to be the essential aid to understanding and implementing sustainable forest management. Providing a clear and concise guide to the practicalities of implementing international standards for sustainable forest management, this fully updated second edition covers new Forest Stewardship Council requirements, High Conservation Value Forests, clearer requirements on pesticides and changing policy and forest governance. Aimed at forest managers and employing extensive cross referencing and easy to understand illustrations, this highly practical handbook explains in clear terms what the standards require forest managers to do and how they might go about implementing them.


Part I: Introduction to International Standards for Forest Management

  • What is Sustainable Forest Management?
  • Why Practice Sustainable Forest Management?
  • Standards for Sustainable Forest Management
Part II: Appendixes
  • Appendix 1 The Standards
  • Appendix 2: Technical Examples
  • Appendix 3: International Conventions
  • Appendix 4: Useful Contacts
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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