Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises - a world handbook for cetacean habitat conservation (2nd ed)

Erich Hoyt 
Earthscan  June 2011  

Hardback  384 pages  ISBN 9781844070633      £100.00

Paperback  384 pages  ISBN 9781844070640      £45.00
In this completely revised and expanded second edition, new developments in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific are described, as well as future directions for High Seas protection. New sections show how to design and manage MPAs in an ever noisier ocean subject to climate change, increased shipping and oil exploration. The process of protected area creation for cetaceans has been accelerated and more than 200 exciting new places are detailed in this edition. This book provides a route map for MPA managers, as well as countries, to meet the ambitious targets for highly protected MPA networks by 2012 and 2020.

About the first edition
This definitive handbook launches a new chapter in cetacean conservation with its investigation into the habitat needs and protection requirements of some 84 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises. This is the first work to bridge the separate disciplines of marine protected areas (MPAs) and cetacean conservation.;The first part of the book outlines the principles for creating the best possible MPAs for cetaceans, stemming from the identification of critical habitats and based on an inclusive process involving all stakeholders. The second part covers each of the 18 marine regions around the world. Included are marine region maps and tables outlining proposed and existing MPAs, detailed checklists for creating and implementing MPAs, an explanation of biosphere reserves, and relevant international legislation. The book also looks at regulation of international trade and hunting, fisheries agreements and promotion of whale watching, ecotourism and other non-consumptive economic policies.

Contents 2nd edition

List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Boxes and Case Studies
Acknowledgements, List of Acronyms and Abbreviations


1. From Whale Sanctuaries to Marine Protected Areas: Approaches To Protecting Cetacean Habitat
History of Marine Protected Areas and Cetaceans Ocean Sanctuaries, Marine Reserves or Parks - Which One and Why? Biosphere Reserves - A Strategy for Thinking About Protected Areas Defining and Managing for Critical Habitat 2. The Value of Cetaceans For Place-Based Conservation Introduction Red List Assessment of Cetacean Species, Subspecies and Populations The Value of Cetaceans for Place-based Conservation

3. Planning Effective Protected Areas: Steps Toward the Design, Establishment and Management ff Protected Areas For Cetaceans
Introduction Cetacean Habitat Needs Checklist for Creating Better MPAs and PAs for Cetaceans

4. The Big Picture for Cetacean Habitat Conservation: Planning for Ecosystem Management, Networks and Ocean Zoning
The Application of Ecosystem-based Management Planning for Climate Change Ensonification in an Ever Noisier Ocean Networks of Protected Areas High Seas MPAs Marine Spatial Planning and Ocean Zoning Other Pragmatic Approaches

5. Habitat Protection for Cetaceans Around The World: Status fnd Prospects in the 18 Marine Regions
Introduction Marine Region 1: Antarctic Marine Region 2: Arctic Marine Region 3: Mediterranean and Black Seas Marine Region 4: North West Atlantic Marine Region 5: North East Atlantic Marine Region 6: Baltic Marine Region 7: Wider Caribbean Marine Region 8: West Africa Marine Region 9: South Atlantic Marine Region 10: Central Indian Ocean Marine Region 11: Arabian Seas Marine Region 12: East Africa Marine Region 13: East Asian Seas Marine Region 14: North and South Pacific Marine Region 15: North East Pacific Marine Region 16: North West Pacific Marine Region 17: South East Pacific Marine Region 18: Australia-New Zealand


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