Agropolis - The social, political and environmental dimensions of urban agriculture

Edited by Luc J. A. Mougeot 
Earthscan  July 2005  

Paperback  304 pp  ISBN 9781844072323      £30.00

Hardback  304 pp  ISBN 9781844072316      £90.00
  • First ever collection of findings about the proliferation of urban agriculture written by the world's leading authority in the field
  • Urban agriculture feeds hundreds of millions of people worldwide and is a rapidly emerging issue in urban and development studies
  • Accessible, jargon-free style, making it ideal for policy-makers, city managers, students and general readers
Urban agriculture is an increasingly popular practice in cities worldwide, and a sustainable future for it is critical, especially for the urban poor of the developing world. This book presents the first findings of original field research projects funded by IDRC's AGROPOLIS International Graduate Research Awards on Urban Agriculture. Countries studied include Cuba, Argentina, Botswana, France, the UK, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Togo and Tunisia. Together, these studies examine concrete strategies to better integrate €city farming€ into the urban landscape.


  • Migration and Food Security in Namibia
  • The Pest-control System in the Market Gardens of Lomé
  • Determinants of Urban Livestock
  • Adoption in the Zone Dense of Khoroho
  • Exploring the Gender Dimensions of Urban Open-space Cultivation in Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Gender, Commercial Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Supply in Greater Gabarone, Botswana
  • Shifting Perspectives on Urban Agriculture in Havana, Cuba
  • Urban Agriculture and Local Sustainable Development in Rosario, Argentina
  • Agri-urban Development from a Land-use Planning Perspective
  • Assessing Benefits from Allotments as a Component of Urban Agriculture in England
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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