Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management - renegotiating the commons

Graham Marshall 
Earthscan  August 2005  

Paperback  234 pp  ISBN 9781844070954      £33.00
Mainstream economics has a tight grip on public discourse, yet remains poorly equipped to comprehend the collaborative vision for managing environmental and resource commons. This ground-breaking book diagnoses the weaknesses of mainstream economics in analysing collaborative and other decentralized approaches to environmental management, and presents a unique operational approach to how collaborative environmental governance might be brought to fruition in a variety of contexts, whether in industrialized or developing countries. The result is a powerful, useful and badly needed approach to economics for collaborative environmental management of the commons.


Part I: The Collaborative Vision

  • Progress, Sustainability and Economics
Part II: Theory and Method for an Economics of Collaborative Environmental Management
  • The View from Mainstream Economics
  • Developments in Collective Action Theory for Commons Management
  • An Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM)
Part III: Lessons from the Field
  • Challenges and Strategies for CEM: Insights from International Experience
  • From Antagonism to Trust: Australia's Murray Darling Basin
Part IV: Grounding the Collaborative Vision
  • Rethinking Policy, Practice and Research
  • Myth, Enlightenment and Economics

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