Sustainability and Health - Supporting Global Ecological Integrity in Public Health

Valerie A. Brown, John Grootjans, Jan Ritchie, Mardie Townsend and Glenda Verrinder 
Earthscan  January 2005  

Paperback  360 pp  ISBN 9781844071739      £33.00
Note Not available from CPL Press in in Australia and New Zealand

The zone of interaction between the social and the natural environment is the most important emerging area in public health. Radical changes in the biosphere and human interaction with the environment are increasingly impacting the health of populations across the world. Whether the risk is from diseases crossing species boundaries, pollution of water, air and land, global pandemics or new patterns of cancer, it is now clear that human health and the health of the global environment are inexorably linked.

Drawing on a range of scientific findings, Sustainability and Health offers a thorough background and solutions to overlapping issues in environment and health. The book introduces a range of emerging conceptual frameworks and theoretical perspectives, links IT and epidemiology and explains how scoping can link programme design, delivery, data collection and evaluation from the beginning. Taking a learning approach the authors provide activities, readings and international case studies making this an essential resource for students and professionals.


  • Living: Public Health and Future of Life on the Planet
  • Listening: Coordinating Ideas on Sustainability and Health
  • Grounding: Coordinating Contexts for Sustainability and Health
  • Knowing: Linking the Knowledge Cultures of Sustainability and Health
  • Scoping: Designing and Monitoring Sustainability and Health Programs
  • Acting: Practitioners as Actors for Sustainability and Health
  • Innovating: Practitioners as Innovators for Sustainability and Health
  • Managing: Public Leadership and Management for Sustainability
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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