Food Wars - the global battle for mouths, minds and markets

Tim Lang and Michael Heasman 
Earthscan  August 2004  

Paperback  268 pp  ISBN 9781853837029      £25.00

Hardback  268 pp  ISBN 9781853837012      £80.00
The emergence of global markets is having a far-reaching impact on what we eat and profound implications for public health, world food security, social justice and individual quality of life. What matters now is not just what we eat, but how and where it has been produced, distributed and processed and the assumptions upon which this production is based - a global politics of food and health.

Food Wars argues that two conflicting paradigms (one developing food around integrating the 'life sciences', the other around 'ecology') are battling to replace the dominant industrial-productionist model of the 20th century, both grappling to attract investment and to win the moral, social and political debate over the appropriate use of biology and food technology.


Why Food Wars?
Are radical options in food and health feasible or even possible?
An outline of the book

1 The Food Wars Thesis
Food policy choices
Key characteristics of the food supply chain
The war of paradigms: time for a new framework?
The Productionist paradigm
Two new paradigms of food supply?
The Life Sciences Integrated paradigm
The Ecologically Integrated paradigm
The three paradigms summarized
Which will dominate?
The place of food and health in the 'paradigm€' framework
The Life Sciences and 'Ecologically Integrated paradigms' approaches to health
Ending the Food Wars through policy and evidence
Capturing the consumer
Evidence-based policy?

2 Diet and Health: Diseases and Food
The nutrition Transition
Two categories of malnutrition: underfed and overfed
The obesity epidemic
Calculating the burden of diet-related disease
Food safety and food-borne diseases
Inequalities and food poverty
The changing meanings of food security
Food poverty in the Western world
Implications for policy

3 Policy Responses to Diet and Disease
Changing conceptions of health
Changing conceptions of public health
The nutrition pioneers: a 100-years war
A more sophisticated approach to food and nutrition Post-World War II advances in social nutrition
Public health strategies: targeting populations or €at risk€ groups?
Dietary guidelines and goals
The dietary guidelines battle in the US
The case against the Western diet
A new approach to the relationship between food, diet and health
Obesity: a case study of battles over policy responses to a problem
Public policy responses to obesity
Industry response

4 The Food Wars Business
The battle for commercial supremacy in the food system
The origins of the industrial food supply
Why 'health' is important to the food industry
The changing context for the global food economy
Remarkable changes in agriculture and food production
Understanding the modern food system
The emergence of food company clusters
Farming becoming 'irrelevant'
A new 'health' colonialism?
The global scope and activity of food processors
Long-term structural change in food manufacturing and processing
Changing company cultures for the 21st century
From globalization to localization
Rapid consolidation and concentration in food retailing
Food retailers and their suppliers
The scale of the food service industries
The politics of GM biotechnology and the growth in organics
Summary and conclusion

5 The Consumer Culture War
The battle for mouths and minds
Food and health: a done deal for the consumer?
Consuming wants and needs
'Burgerized' politics
The new consumer web and competing models
'Schizophrenic' consumers?
Moulding food culture
Food advertising and education
Obesity: redefining food marketing
Cooking and food culture
Shopping, spending and food
Food activism and the role of NGOs

6 The Quality War: Putting Public and Environmental Health Together
Can consumers save the planet?
Food and biodiversity
Pollution and pesticides
Soil and land
Climate change
Urban drift
Energy and efficiency
Eating up the fish?
Keep eating the fruit: a UK case study
The clash of farming and biology: have humans got the wrong bodies?

7 Food Democracy or Food Control?
Why is governance an issue?
Civil society emerges
Building on existing policy commitments
How global institutions frame food and health
Global standards
Injecting health into regional institutions: the EU case
Agriculture, subsidies and health
Injecting the new health into national institutions
The emerging battle lines: food democracy versus food control
Human liberty and consumer choice

8 The Future
Which paradigm will triumph?
The paradigmatic analysis
Questions emerging from civil society
What of the future?
Looking for a political lead

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