Sustainable Development Strategies - a resource book

Barry Dalal-Clayton and Stephen Bass 
Earthscan  October 2002  

Paperback  400 pp  ISBN 9781853839474      £45.00
This book is a cornerstone resource for a wide range of organizations and individuals concerned with sustainable development at national or local levels, as well as for international organizations concerned with supporting such development. Whilst the focus is on integrated strategies for sustainable development, the approaches and methods covered are equally relevant to poverty reduction, environmental and sectoral strategies, programme development and review.

Agenda 21 called for all countries to develop sustainable development strategies. For such strategies to be effective there needs to be a real commitment. In every country, government at all levels, the private sector and civil society must work together in a true partnership and in transparent ways which enable genuine stakeholder participation. The necessary mechanisms and processes need to be coordinated to enable continuous learning and improvement.

This resource book provides flexible, non-prescriptive guidance on how to develop, assess and implement national sustainable development strategies. It sets out principles and ideas on process and methods, and suggests how these can be used. It is based on an analysis of past and current practice, drawing directly from experience in both developed and developing countries.

Following a discussion of the nature and challenges of sustainable development and the need for strategic responses to them, the heart of the book covers the main tasks in strategy processes. Individual chapters offer a rich guidance, ideas and case studies on:

  • The nature of sustainable development strategies and current practice
  • Key steps in starting, managing and improving sustainable development strategies
  • Analysis of and for sustainable development
  • Participation for sustainable development
  • Information, education and communications
  • Strategy decision-making frameworks and procedures
  • The financial basis for strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluation systems

Part I: Background

  • Introduction
  • Sustainable Development and the Need for Strategic Responses

Part II: Tasks in Strategy Processes

  • The Nature of Sustainable Development Strategies and Current Practices
  • Key Steps in Starting, Managing and Improving Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Analysis
  • Participation
  • Communications
  • Strategy Decision-making and Linkages
  • The Financial Basis for Strategies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Part III: References, Contacts and Sources

  • References
  • Institutions, Networks, Training Courses and other Sources
  • Index,
  • Bibliography
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