Strategic Environmental Assessment - a sourcebook and reference guide to internaional experience

Barry Dalal-Clayton and Barry Sadler 
Earthscan  June 2005  

Hardback  416 pp  ISBN 9781844071784      £95.00

Paperback  416 pp  ISBN 9781844071791      £35.00
This unique sourcebook provides a global, state-of-the-art review of the rapidly evolving field of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) that is intended to provide a baseline for the work of an OECD Task Team on SEA and a UNEP initiative on integrated planning and assessment. It describes trends in application and experience in different contexts world wide, providing in-depth coverage of the status of SEA systems and practice in developed, transitional and developing countries and by a range of development agencies.

The book draws on a large body of published and unpublished material, and contributions from a wide range of individual experts, organizations and agencies. It provides an unparalleled and invaluable understanding of the emerging scope and potential of SEA and describes how, when and where it is being used. The sourcebook includes a probing review of concepts, terminology, approaches and tools of SEA, and a comparative analysis of the different types of existing SEA systems. The volume also contains many case examples illustrating SEA practice in different countries and contexts, a full set of references and a number of appendices containing source materials.


  • SEA in International Perspective
  • Surveying the Field of SEA
  • SEA Experience in Developed Countries
  • SEA Experience in Development Cooperation
  • SEA Experience in Countries in Transition
  • SEA Experience in Developing Countries
  • Retrospect and Prospect
  • Appendices,
  • Bibliography
  • Index
Barry Dalal-Clayton is Director for Strategies, Planning and Assessment at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and author of Sustainable Development Strategies (Earthscan, 2002). Barry Sadler is an adviser on impact assessment to a number of international organizations including UNEP, and author of a number of books, monographs and papers on SEA.
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